Hiding TLDs?

About: Google Hit Hider by Domain (Search Filter / Block Sites)

I search the previous discussions...thought there had been a previous request...

Any chance of blocking <*.tld>?

<.RU> is getting ridiculous. And I draw the line at {.accountant} :rage:


  • This is possible, but I think it would require a lot of code changes so I can't promise.

    Let's assume we use


    to represent a global block for .ru domains. I need to make it possible to select that, and figure out an efficient way to do the comparisons. Could be a weekend project.

  • JS, you're amazing-- anyone else would had said 'might take a few weeks' (translated: months) -- you are, 'ack, a weekend effort'. :smiley:

    Thanks for considering this! And good luck. The intertubes await!

  • editado August 2018 Firefox

    The script can now block .ru results in v1.9.8! The pattern for the block list is:


    Currently, it can be added through

    List Util > Import

    Type or paste ru.tld in the left box, Parse for Import, then add to the list of your choice.

    Let me know if you notice any problems with the blocking.

    Working out a user interface to add it through the Block dialog will take more time. I probably can integrate it with the "~" button.


    I just saw the update on my Chrome session. I'm going to experiment with it today, and will get back with findings.

    If this works out, I'll try it on my Firefox sessions.

  • editado November 2018 Firefox

    After a week using Chrome & Firefox (52 ESR), I'm happy - nay, thrilled! - to report that this functionality is working perfectly!

    {at least, as far as my simple usage has shown}

    FYI: I used the following filters, based partially on the writeup in:


    As always, thank you @Jefferson Scher for creating & maintaining such a fabulous script!

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