DuckDuckGo search results always loading

About: Google Hit Hider by Domain (Search Filter / Block Sites)

Thanks for your script, it's perfect.
The only problem I have is when I search anything in DuckDuckGo, the page is displayed but the icon in the browser's tab show an endless symbol of loading. It don't happens when I search in Google.
If I disable the script, the page is loaded normally.
Any solution?


  • edit: it's happening in google too
    I know that is this script the problem because if I disable all the other addons and scripts, the problem is the same, but if I disable this script all is ok.

    I use Firefox 59.0.2 in linux with Greasemonkey.

  • Hi Alan, sorry to hear about this problem. I have not seen it myself. Does the reload arrow on the toolbar stay an "X" stop button as well?

    As far as I know, the insertions (text and buttons) and changes (adding attributes to various tags) made by the script shouldn't trigger or delay the loading of other resources. Well, for DDG, if you are blocking a high percentage of the results, the auto-scrolling might kick in. For Google, that wouldn't be relevant.

    I wonder whether there are particular settings I've never tested with that could cause the issue.

    If you go back to earlier versions, can you find one without the problem? That might help me figure out what change could be causing it.

    I wouldn't go back further than 1.9.1.

  • editado May 2018 Firefox

    Thanks for your reply. The problem still happened with older versions, but I change Greasemonkey by Tampermonkey and the issue is gone, so weird.
    Thanks you!

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