About: Google Hit Hider by Domain (Search Filter / Block Sites)
Isn't the purpose of this script sort of outdated? You could just do something like:
Type that into Google alongside your search terms


  • Hi Tommy, if you only want to remove a site or two from the current set of results, -site: is the best approach, very surgical, no waste. But if there are a number of useless sites you see all the time due to your work or interests, or because they claim to be an authority on everything, the extra work of adding those exclusions to your query every time would be a hassle.

    Feel free to try it for a few days and see whether you use it. If not, you can remove it.

    Maybe I can sell you on my Google site: Tool script to speed up the process of using site: and -site: in your queries.
  • I suppose if you are trying to boycott a certain website, then this script might still come in handy, also considering that search queries can only be so long. Although I still think -site: would be fine for general purposes, you have a point that it would become tedious search after search.
  • I do SEO for a living and this tool is golden. I can't -site: for hundreds of domains like this tool allows.
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