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About: Google Hit Hider by Domain (Search Filter / Block Sites)
First of all would it be possible to get a way to quickly fully clear the block or ban list, or is there a way already?

Secondly I have some lists I'd love to be able to turn on/off easily, I was thinking to do that with clearing and importing, though maybe you got some ideas as to how that could work or maybe not, if there is anything that can be done without too much effort it would be amazing.

keep up the good work on this one.


  • editado September 2017 Firefox
    I never added a "clear all" feature, sorry. It didn't occur to me it would ever be necessary!

    A quick but somewhat dangerous workaround might be to add a checkbox on the Import screen to completely replace the existing list with what you are importing. This would put the burden on the user to export and keep safe their other list(s).

    Would that be useful?

    (Note to self: on line 2002 --
        if (blist == "") blist = "|" + newDoms;
    else blist += newDoms;
    -- edit to blist == "" or user wants to replace)

    Of course, it would be way more convenient and faster if the script could store multiple lists and let you switch between them. I would need more time to think that through, as it affects how data is stored.
  • Yes a checkbox solution to replace or append would certainly work as an easy fix.

    If you can have a think about a multi-list solution long term that would be very very interesting and allow for some nice complex user setups and multi-level filtering.
  • Okay, version 1.8.2 is live. In addition to having an import replace your entire existing block list, if you forgot to make a backup, the Export panel now will let you view the pre-import list (only the most recent is kept).
  • Cool, I will give it go this week, but sounds good.
  • editado October 2017 Chrome
    please add fully clear or multi delete the block or ban list, I really need this.
  • please add fully clear or multi delete the block or ban list, I really need this.

    For now, you can:

    * Open the Import panel
    * type (or some domain of your choice)
    * click "Parse List for Import"
    * check the box for "Replace entire blocklist"
    * click "Import"
    * confirm the replace by clicking OK

    When you close the Import panel, your list should show only
  • Late confirm; works smooth, I was expecting it to replace only the list I import to though (but I guess that is linked to the fact that it is one bigger list right now and you potentially looking at how it more easily could be even more lists (turn on/off) at one point). Good work, already saved me a ton of work.
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