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About: Google Hit Hider by Domain (Search Filter / Block Sites)
Hi there, just found this tool after looking for a better alternative to Google's Block List extension. It worked exceptionally well at first glance, however I had hoped it also would have worked when I am using Google's Advertising tools, this allows me to e.g. search on (and other country sites) to see and find more relevant results. However when the parameters it uses is on, it seems that the Google Hit Hider as well is not in affect. If there's an easy fix to as well have the script run in such cases it would be amazing (not sure what the exact different is as to get the script to work, maybe it's is not possible?).

Example code, as easy triggered via e.g.


  • That page has results links in this format:

    <a href="#" onmousedown="return rwt(this,'','','','3','AFQjCNHCqzIxNvStqrV64UyqMR5leEKqhQ','','0ahUKEwjd4-Ox-5rWAhVk4YMKHSQHCeoQFggxMAI','','',event)" class="q" onclick="return fnAdvertiserTestAlert();">Conarium - Iceberg Interactive - Video Games Publisher</a>

    With href="#" the script skips over these links. But even if it didn't skip them, the host name the script checks is not where it normally appears.

    It *is* in the green "cite" text, which is similar to the challenge of applying this script to Baidu results. At some point I should add that as a second check, but it's not a small change.
  • Yeah, can't click links as you can see in that view, so I was guessing it would require some more work potentially to resolve.
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    Hi, I write here becuase i guess the root of the problem is the same, or similar, though it's happens within the normal google search. I mean, sometimes (very few tbh) there's no [block] button. It's about the same issue mentioned above?
  • sometimes (very few tbh) there's no [block] button. It's about the same issue mentioned above?

    I think it's probably something different. Can you give the URL of your search results page and indicate which results do not have the block button on yours?
  • Hello Jefferson, forgive me for late reply. Unluckily I don't remember the search that I was trying when happens. I was made a screenshot but I guess I deleted by mistake because I cannot find it anymore. By the way I remember as well that also the colored icons of WoT addon, that usually are shown close the sites link on Google search result weren't shows (maybe can help in undertsand better the cause...). Anyway as soon I find it again I'll report it here in a new post. Thank you again for you're work, you're support and the awesome GHHbD.

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    Hi Jeff, sorry for very late reply. I finally make a screenshoot about missing [block] button on Google search. I post a link below:

    Any idea about why some sites don't shows button? If (ipoteticcaly) is the case that some sites are not recognized by GHHBD and you need to manually add this sites to the script, then I'm very glad to help by drawing up a list and post it, when this list reach for example 50 missing sites, or just every 2 months, periodically.
    Lemme know...


    I see right now that Canvas upload service expires within 6 hours, so, I upload the same screenshot to another service, that should be more persistent (just in case you don't made in time to see the first link).

  • Hi Val Di Castello, could you post a URL that demonstrates that behavior?

    Hi Organizer, I'm close to an update that works on adtest=on results.

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    Yes sure. For example, I write: hawaii volcano lava
    in google search. This below is the link given

    and this below is the screenshot

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    Hi Val Di Castello, I can't replicate the problem, but I noticed something unusual in your screenshots. Where the button is missing, there are three black dots. With a very long title, this follows the 3 blue/purple dots for the hit title. If you click the black ... , does it activate the block button? Maybe it's just an inactive placeholder.

    I'm not sure why that is happening; must be a conflict of style rules, but I don't know why.

    Do you have any custom style rules for Google from any other source, whether through another script, extension, Stylish/Stylus rule, or a userContent.css file?

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    Hi Val Di Castello, following up on that last reply:

    The script adds this style rule to the heading (hit link) if it is a tag of a certain type (<h2>, <h3> or <h4>):

    style="overflow: visible;"

    Otherwise, Google's preexisting style rules will change the block button to ... after a long title. (And also, the block form won't display in full, just as much as fits in the title space.)

    So one possibility is a conflicting style rule from somewhere that the browser is using to override my rule, but another possibility is that your Google results page layout doesn't use one of those 3 tags for the hit title and we'll need to figure out what it is using instead.

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    I got it. Indeed I try a search in StartPage, with the same 3 words. The sites given in the result was the same given from google search but, in this case, the block button it's shown. Generally spoken I can say I never experience this issue with StartPage search (and this is another reason why I think I'll switch definitely to StartPage). Also with Chromium and Vivaldi (that it's a chromuim engine browser based) the block button works fine. That's definitely a Firefox issue, like you say before...
    I'm noob with coding and stuff but, if I can make something to made some investigation let me know what/how to.
    I'm using Firefox ESR (52.7.3) on a Linux Mint 18.2 (Cinnamon - 64bit)
    I'm not yet try disabling all the addons. In case something change I'll report here soon.
    Thank you for you're help.

  • Could you "inspect" the results page. Right-click the underlined hit title and click "Inspect Element" to open the Page Inspector in the lower part of the tab. The link (<a> element) should be selected. If you read up the HTML tree diagram, you should find an <h3> element with style="overflow: visible". An example screenshot is attached/embedded. Does yours have that or do you have a different HTML structure? (I'm finding it hard to enter tags here; if you want to share some HTML, you may need to post it on Pastebin or another site.)

    Screenshot of Inspector

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    Jeff I got it :) It's the WoT (Web of Trust) addon. It probably relate to the "show reputation icon" option. This may conflict with GHHbD in Firefox.
    There's an option to disable that feature but for some reason I cannot swap it (see the first screenshot). Anyway, I made a screenshot too by following you're instructions. It's the second link below.



    Even if I'm not into html stuff, I take a look into the string by open the "inspect element" feature and I notice that, if I move the string before the code of the link, this way shown the block button, as you can see in the recorded video (link below). I understand that this is not the correct place for the button (though I like more that the button to the right :p ) but, as I say, I cannot help with coding because I don't understand almost nothing. Anyway I guess this could help you for futher investigating.

    Below there's a screenshot of a site where the button is working

  • Okay, I don't think I can win a battle with an extension. I'll try to find a workaround in the next update, hopefully later today.

    If you need an immediate workaround, you could consider moving the block button to the cite line; it's under "Block button position" about halfway down the Options list.

  • Okay, update 1.9.6 addressing all issues in this thread has been posted.

  • Ok Jeff. I think I'll start to use StartPage as a default search engine ;)
    Thank you for you're effort and suggest.


  • @>; @Jefferson Scher said:

    Hi Organizer, I'm close to an update that works on adtest=on results.

    I had all forgotten about this and happened to look through this thread. I just tested the latest version and I believe there maybe never was a way to fix this or what did you conclude with?

    While it could be useful still, to circumvent this I bought into a VPN, changing my IP to e.g. Turkey if I want to see more realistic G results as if I was in Turkey.

  • Google recently turned their links inside out, instead of

    <h3><a>headline text</a></h3>

    it's now

    <a><h3>headline text</h3></a>

    I don't know whether this is temporary or permanent. To accommodate either possible layout, the section of code related to "adtest=on" URLs needs to be updated. Specifically, line 555 needs to change from:

    apar = liels[i].querySelector("h3 a");


    apar = liels[i].querySelector("h3 a, a");

    Do you want to make that edit temporarily on yours? I'm trying to sort out some Bing issues before the next update.

  • I see, so in other words you did manage to work it out. Cool. I'll just update my local version so take your time as far as pushing the update to the next update.

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