Request: Hiding with Site Title

About: Google Hit Hider by Domain (Search Filter / Block Sites)

Do you think of adding a function to enable hinding unwanted-to-see sites by its name?
I searched this greasyfork for those script, and found some, but none worked.
If, and if you could make my wish, then it'd better it could do with regexp.


  • Hello Masaki-san:

    When you say the site name, is that a part of the page title, URL, or snippet? Please let me know where the script should look to find its name?
  • I want this feature too, I want to hide the results that contain some words not by domain.
  • Hello me dien tu, where should the script look for the words? In the page title, or in the URL, or in the excerpt of text from the page? Of course, the script only sees what is on the results page and not what is on the actual linked page, so you still may get pages with those words in them somewhere.

    If you want to exclude any page that contains a specific word, Google does allow you to add an exclusion to your query to omit an unwanted term:

    query terms: ketchup mustard -mayonnaise

    To exclude terms in the title:

    query terms: ketchup mustard -intitle:mayonnaise

    To exclude terms in the URL:

    query terms: ketchup mustard -inurl:mayonnaise
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    thank you for reply, I mean that the script work in page title. I know that google can exclude site domain and words but use your script is much convenient.
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