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About: Google Hit Hider by Domain (Search Filter / Block Sites)

I got a result located at, and would like to block Right now, only blocking and is offered.

Example duckduckgo search:

I get a result from

I click on the block button. I am offered two choices: block or block I would like to block


  • Currently, the little form has two fields: full domain and partial domain. I'll have to do some redesigning to add a third, or perhaps I can let you modify the partial domain somehow. Hmm...
  • I had the same question (and request). I would greatly appreciate if we could edit the result. Today I searched on 'avg installation failed x0E001003d', one of the results was

    I hate when sites just make your search term part of the domain! I wanted to block * but HHBD would only drop 2 levels.

    Thanks for your work on this excellent tool. Been using it for years.
  • I forgot to mention earlier that you can add domains by hand using the Import feature. It's not as convenient as clicking but for the time being...

    In the Manage Hiding dialog, click the List Util button, then the Import button. In the large panel that comes up, type or paste

    on separate lines. Then click Parse List for Import. Presumably those will check out fine. Toward the bottom of the right side, choose regular block or Perma-ban, then click Import.

    The new items aren't blocked from the page until a reload.
  • Okay, finally, I added a button to the block form in v1.8.1 to cycle through various shorter versions of the partial domain. Hope this design is useful.
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