Can i add numeric IP address (not domains) to the Block or Perma-ban list panel?

About: Google Hit Hider by Domain (Search Filter / Block Sites)
I would like to add a malware-domain list given from malc0de website, but it's an IP address list, not domains. Did GHHbD resolve this address to hide in search engines?

Thanks again for this great script and for you efforts.


  • The script doesn't resolve addresses, it just matches what is listed in the results. I think for performance reasons it would be better to use an extension to do that in the background so page rendering is not delayed. The reason I think an extension would be best it is could use Firefox's internal DNS code for the lookup, which would be more accurate to what would happen when *you* click the link than using a random name server for the lookup.
  • Ok, got it. Thanks for you're reply and, again, for this great script.
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