(FIXED) Endless page reload when opening GHHbD popup (Block Tab) on Startpage. (version 1.6.4)

About: Google Hit Hider by Domain (Search Filter / Block Sites)
Using the Startpage settings as shown in the screenshot below.
Whenever I open the Google Hit Hider (v1.6.4) popup window on the page, and I switch to the "Block" tab, the whole Startpage starts to reload endlessly, I even haven't any chance to access the open GHH popup anymore. All I can do I close the Tab.

Is this a know problem please, any fix for it.

Thanks again Jefferson for this great plugin !

Screenshot of my Startpage settings: http://i.imgur.com/Sn73ZMN.png


  • Hi Zombulla, thank you for reporting this. Your screen shot shows the "Manage Hiding" button duplicated numerous times, even on the Settings page, which definitely should not happen.

    I am not able to replicate the problem. A few questions:

    * Firefox with Greasemonkey, or Chrome with Tampermonkey?

    * Do you get the same behavior on Google or DuckDuckGo?

    * Are you using any other scripts which might load additional results into the page?
  • Hi Jefferson,
    Don't mind the "Manage Hiding" looking duplicated, it's some snapshot error of Faststone Capture i used to take a screenshot of the scrolling browser window :)

    - I use Firefox nightly (v34) using Greasemonkey nightly.
    - Al is fine with Google and DuckDuckGo.
    - I used GoogleMoneyR 1.7.0, but the problems keeps happening after disabling that addon and restarting the browser.

    I'll try different scenarios, and keep this topic updated if I can further pinpoint the exact cases, or when the problem resolves.

    Thanks for the help btw.
  • Doh, seems like another addon I recently installed was the culprit ( NoScript).
    For some reason if you have that addon in the default state (block all scripts on current page, something will trigger a reload when the "Block" tab is open in GHH.

    I allowed scripts for startpage.com and the problem is gone ! :-)

    Sorry for the confusion, I should have thought about such things in advance.

    Once again, thanks for the help and this great userscript ! ;)
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