Hiding Twitter Feed Universally.

About: Google Hit Hider by Domain (Search Filter / Block Sites)
When I search for 'twitter' in Google, the first result is the expected twitter.com website. The Hit Hider script does provide the BLOCK option next to the twitter.com URL and applying BLOCK does seem to remove regular search results from the twitter.com domain. Unfortunately, the action doesn't hide (or give the option to BLOCK) anything in the Twitter Feed search results. This occurs whether the result is twitter.com/Twitter or any other Twitter feed kicked back from a search. I was hoping hiding twitter.com would eradicate the Twitter Feed from view - but the script doesn't seem to recognize the Twitter Feed the same way it does other search engine results. Is there a way to hide the Twitter Feed search results altogether? Many thanks.


  • That section doesn't follow the regular rules, it has a special layout. If you paste this code after line 326, just before the closing } of the checkNode() function, it will hide the Twitter carousel (at least until Google changes it):
      var specs = document.querySelectorAll('#rso > div[data-hveid]:not([ghhbdspec])');
    for (var sc=0; sc < specs.length; sc++){
    if (specs[sc].querySelector('g-link > a[href*="twitter"]')){
    } else {
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