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YouTube Lite (plej bona sperto)

Faras la interfaco de YouTube pli malpeza, kaŝas videojn kun ŝlosilvortoj, aldonas elŝut-butonon kaj malfermas la videon en senanonca paĝo (enteni youtube-nocookie).

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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 2024/01/04

works well with youtube in general but it keeps reloading in youtube music. Overall, it's very nice since it is lite cause I tested it to a potato laptop and 4k quality plays smoothly when it previously does not work before.

Jhon PérgonAuthor
Posted: 2024/01/04

Thanks for your feedback, I made a fix for the script to be disabled on YouTube music, update to version 3.2

Posted: 2024/01/05

Thats nice, I no longer have to disable it if I play YouTube music. Thank you for making this!!

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