WME Show Alt Names

Shows alt names for selected segments

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WME Show Alt Names


Displays a table at the lower left corner of WME with the primary and alternate names for selected
segments. The segment's type and length are also displayed in the table.

Table cells containing identical street names are filled with the same color for easy
recognition of matching names. The user has the option of including whether or not the city name is considered.


This script is designed to help troubleshoot map issues related to big detour prevention (BDP).


  • The script can be enabled/disabled by toggling the "WME Show Alt Names" layer in the map's layer
  • Hovering over a street name in the table highlights all selected segments with that name.
  • Double-clicking a street name in the table changes the color.
  • Hovering over a segment ID in the table highlights that segment on the map.
  • The "Sort by driving order" option will attempt to sort the segments in the table as if they were
    part of a route starting with the first selected segment. Sorting is performed based on node IDs.

Auto Select Feature

The auto selection feature will select all segments along a Live Map route. At a minimum the user
must select a beginning and ending segment. Optionally, intermediate segments on the desired route may
be selected in an attempt to force a certain route that would other be avoided.

Note that because the route is retrived from the Live Map, it is only current to the last tile
update. Routes will not reflect any changes made to the map since th last tile update. This includes
changes to segment names, turn restrictions, functional classification, etc. Also, the tool will not
be able to select a segment if the segment's ID has changed since the last tile update.


The idea for this script was proposed by Waze user tonestertm, who also provided beta testing and
lots of feedback and suggestions for improvement. It would not have been possible without him.