Turkdigo HIT Hunter

Hunt down HITs that requesters may have posted while you weren't looking.

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https://www.mturk.com/hithunter - This is the script page! Bookmark it!

Description: This script is designed to harvest HITs from requesters that you may have missed while away from the computer. The idea is to run this page before you run your active scripts, so you're all caught up on posts!

Instructions: Copy your list of requesters from HIT Monitor into the script (or follow the format already there if you don't use HIT Monitor) and save it. Click "Release the Hounds!" and the page will cycle through the first page of each term from your list once, checking for HITs and appending them to the same page in a list.

Again, results are based on SEARCH results, not requester IDs (any search with "agent" would appear for "agent agent").

Note: It is advised that you pause HIT Monitor, Turkmaster, Hitscraper, or anything else that relies on page refreshing for updates. This will only take a few moments depending on the length of your requester list!

Written for Tampermonkey and tested on Chrome. If you have problems, don't contact me - sorry. I wrote this script for myself and I'm sharing it because I want to give back to the community that has helped me (mturkgrind.com). This script is for personal use only; do not redistribute it without asking.