Resize YT To Window Size

Moves the YouTube video to the top of the website and fill the window with the video player.

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  • v139 2024-05-21

    Remove unused args

    Fix duplicate body in selector

  • v139 2024-04-10

    v139 - Fix page top margin as some CSS properties are ignored (#88)

  • v138 2024-01-09

    v138 - Bind toggle to keydown instead of keyup

    so that pressing Ctrl+W to close a tab does not trigger the YTWP toggle when you then focus on a Youtube tab.

  • v137 2023-11-01

    Bind keyup not keypress. Also cancel event for keydown. Fix #71

    Bind to yt-page-data-fetched and yt-navigate-finish (Issue #72 + #76)

    v137 - Fix back button Issue #72 + #76, and w keybinding Issue #71

  • v136 2023-08-30

    v136 - Attempt to fix ytd-watch-grid papercuts (Issue #81)

    Basically copied every rule containing ytd-watch-flexy.

  • v135 2023-08-30

    Add a ytwp.debugPage function for debugging youtube changes

    Add check to see if the page has changed. If so, print debug.

    v135 - Attempt to fix ytd-watch-grid (Issue #81)

  • v134 2023-08-22

    v134 - Fix container getting shifted again (Issue #79) Thanks @Vamael.

  • v133 2023-08-18

    Correct the px value in comment and link to issue.

    v133 - Fix container getting shifted (Issue #79) Thanks @Vamael.

  • v132 2023-06-29

    v132 - Fix video container getting shifted after YT update (Issue #77)

    • Fix nav moving around when guide is open.
    • Added bgcolor=black to #movie_player so it looks better in light mode.
  • v131 2023-03-11 v131 - Fix theater mode toggle, and change URL detection events. Fix theater mode toggle. ytd-watch-flexy DOM is weird. (#75) Listen for yt-navigate-start and yt-navigate-finish events.
  • v130 2022-04-19 Add quick boolean toggle for enableOnLoad (Issue #67 and #69), Fix video cropping caused by object-fit:cover (Issue #70) Also fix splash thumbnail cropping when not autoplaying., Expose script toggle keybinding as it'll need to change (Issue #71), v130 - Fix video crop, add settings for toggle key + enable on load
  • v129 2022-03-10 v128 - Disable script when an unavailable video is detected Also remove some logging, v129 - Fix toggling theater mode (Issue #66) YouTube moved the button into the settings cog menu.
  • v127 2021-04-05 v127 - Resize the video faster by styling the `#player-wrap` element.
  • v126 2021-04-05 v126 - Fix scrollbar not being hidden in Chrome. Remove hidden Firefox scrollbar from description as it's no longer experimental.
  • v125 2021-02-09 v125 - Bind `w` key to toggle off script on current page. Prep ff ext.
  • v124 2020-04-18 Document enhancer-for-youtube support (Pull Request #51)
  • v124 2020-04-18 Fixed compatibility with "enhancer for youtube" pinned player doesn't get blown up now, Merge pull request #51 from cougarten/patch-1 Fixed compatibility with "enhancer for youtube"
  • v124 2019-11-06 Fix autogenerated gaming channel "live channels" page (Issue #46)
  • v123 2019-06-24 v123 - Support /user/pokemon/live url paths.
  • v122 2019-01-30 v122 - Add `html:not([fullscreen="true"])` to script selector Update most selectors since we prefixed the body selector with html tag selectors.
  • v121 2018-11-18 v121 - Fix miniplayer video getting positioned offscreen. Add the Firefox scrollbar tweak in the suggestions.
  • v120 2018-11-13 Show error screen if video can't load., v120 - Add experimental support for hiding scrollbar in Firefox v63.
  • v119 2018-08-22 OpenUserJS requires a license header
  • v119 2018-08-22 Fix player height when miniplayer is active in the flexy layout. Bug noticed when testing with Iridium in firefox., Make sure the thumbnail shows up when the autoplay is disabled. Easiest way to test is with Iridium. See issue #41, v119
  • v118 2018-05-20 v118 - Fixup ytd-watch => ytd-watch-flexy interface.
  • v117 2018-04-21 v117 - Slightly fix the playlist area positioning in the old youtube layout.
  • v116 2018-04-19 Cleanup unused addClass functions (no need with el.classList.add), Use a 32px icon since the 16px icon is too small in most GUIs. Issue #34 from GitHub, Support YouTube's new MiniPlayer Bar. Fixes issue #36 from GitHub., v116, quick fix, don't static postion the miniplay-bar-renderer, v116: also don't use unsafeWindow as firefox isn't triggering onScroll
  • v115 2017-12-08 v115 - Fix script not loading error when the page has only loaded halfway.
  • v114 2017-12-08 v114 * Use !important to fix compatibility with Youtube+ on the old Youtube layout.
  • v113 2017-12-05 use playerHeight variable
  • v113 2017-12-05 v113 Fix the autocomplete popup when the video is still visible. Remove the html5 patch code too.
  • v112 2017-12-03 v112 * Fix the positioning of the search box's autocomplete popup (it was previously hidden). * Attempt to cleanup the player every 2.5sec instead of every 1sec, as well as the first 150 frames on page load.
  • v111 2017-11-10 v111 * Constantly attempt to enter Theater mode every second if we don't enter it right away. * Support entering theater mode in the old layout.
  • v110 2017-10-06 Click to focus on video on page transition., Support Youtube+'s rewrite (Iridium) for the Material design layout., v110 - Focus on video on page load. Support Iridium.
  • v109 2017-09-19 Imported from URL
  • v107 2017-08-31 v107 - Fix videos on channel pages when first visiting a video page.
  • v106 2017-07-04 v106 - Enable script on `/c/ChannelName/live` and `/channel/ChannelId/live` pages. Refactor ytwp.util.isWatchUrl to ytwp.isWatchUrl. Fix declaration of ytwp.watchPage. We assign/cache to ytwp.isWatchPage.
  • v105 2017-06-29 v105 - Fix update loop not starting.
  • v104 2017-06-27 v104 - Don't start another fix loop when one is in progress.
  • v103 2017-06-27 v103 - Reattempt fix 10 more times on page load (shit solution but it works)
  • v102 2017-06-19 Imported from URL
  • v101 2017-05-11 Forgot to prefix the ytwp. in front of the doMonkeyPatch call, v101 Finish the last regex for applying the control bar fix on page load, control bar should now work in firefox.
  • v100 2017-05-11 Patch window._yt_player.WU (or .VU on firefox) to get the app instance
  • v99 2017-05-10 v99
  • v98 2017-05-09 Commit the new ...Application.create() function so we can check later, v98 Quick update for the control bar monkey patch. We need to reinit the player so it's slightly slower than normal. Unfortunately the list of players isn't exposed anymore.
  • v96 2017-04-25 v96 - Fix Material UI bug. Don't use pubsub anymore since Material UI keeps fucking around with it's API. Just use a periodic timer., @grant none
  • v95 2017-04-16 v95 - TempFix for detecting page transition for the Material UI. Check the URL every 500ms and see if it's changed. A proper fix will come when I find a better solution.
  • v94 2017-04-15 Imported from URL
  • v92 2017-03-21 Synced from GitHub - Fix top alignment of contents of material page - instance_ no longer exists, subscribe is public now though. - pubsub2 subscribe was also moved - v92 * Fix content positioning in the Material Design css. * Fix some error spam caused by the pubsub/pubsub2 subscribe() function getting moved.
  • v91 2017-03-04 Synced from GitHub - v91 - Update CSS for new version of the Material design layout Material design layout can be toggle by adding &f6=4 to the PREFS cookie as mentioned here: - The note is useless.

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