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WME Junction Angle Info

Show the angle between two selected (and connected) segments

These are versions of this script where the code was updated. Show all versions.

  • v1.13.1 - Bump version to 1.13.1
  • v1.13 - Update WME URLs, Merge branch 'development' # Conflicts: # crx_bootstrap.user.js # wme_junctionangle.user.js
  • v1.13 - Synced from GitHub - Merge remote-tracking branch 'milkboy/development' into development - Whitespace fixes Conflicts: - Set version to 1.13(.999|-devel) - fix russian - Merge pull request #66 from WazeRus/development Development - Update URL for beta editor - Fix update URL for development version - Fix translations after WME update - Add Czech translations by MajkiiTelini - Fix whitespace - Merge branch 'development'. Update version to 1.13.0.
  • v1.12 - Imported from URL
  • v1.11 - Synced from GitHub - Version bump for development version - Disallowed U-turns indicator - Disallowed U-turs feature code polishing - Merge pull request #58 from FZ69617/master Disallowed U-turns indicator - Bootstrap fixes - Merge pull request #61 from FZ69617/master Bootstrap fixes - Fix event registration on nodes and segments to work with beta-editor (v1.14-4-gd831c84, 1.2.127-a76222f) - Update version to 1.11.0 Merge branch 'development' Conflicts: crx_bootstrap.user.js ...
  • v1.9.0 - Synced from GitHub - New turns presentation. - Overlapping and exit related bugs fixed. In fact, an exit-related bug has rather been workarounded, than fixed - it requires further experiments to ensure whether we can skip a condition mentoned in wiki. - Code formatting, comment cleanup and fixes. - Merge branch 'master' into development Conflicts: wme_junctionangle.user.js - Merge branch 'master' of into FZ69617-master Conflicts: wme_junctionangle.user.j...
  • v1.8.4.2 - Synced from GitHub - Fix script name. (accidentally merged the dev line)
  • v1.8.4.2 - Synced from GitHub - Fixing special KEEP LEFT/RIGHT cases Fixing special KEEP LEFT/RIGHT cases accordingly to left most segment. We get correct KEEP LEFT/RIGHT info when two segments are on the same side of road. Also supporting overlap segment's case, not fully tested with real scenario yet. Fixes based on info from Wiki Waze. - Remove direction arrows in best continuation Removing left/right direction arrows '<' '>' in best continuation, because we go only straight here. - Merge pull req...
  • v1.8.4.1 - Synced from GitHub - CROSS-MATCH issues Fixing issues with CROSS-MATCH, based on real tests on the map: CROSS-MATCH works when two compared segments contain at least one ALT NAME. When alt name is empty cross-match does not work,278564327,278564255,278564374 - Merge pull request #32 from wlodek76/patch-1 CROSS-MATCH issues
  • v1.8.4.1 - Synced from GitHub - - Add missing return statement from PNA match - Whitespace and comment tweaks - Improved BC turn filtering and rule order. Roundabout routing instruction improvements. - Bump version to
  • v1.8.4 - Synced from GitHub - Add back filtering of angles (only <=45 should count) for BC calculations - Release 1.8.4
  • v1.8.3 - Synced from GitHub - Logging tweaks - Added (hopefully) checking for date ranges in restrictions for cars. Still only all-day, all-week support though. - Merge branch '31'. Fixes #31
  • v1.8.3 - Synced from GitHub - Open links on new tab - Add link to GitHub issues
  • v1.8.3 - Synced from GitHub - Missed one version number
  • v1.8.3 - Synced from GitHub - Rearranged some code and added comments - Disable settings that are not used. Add translations for angle mode. Whitespace fixes. - Release 1.8.3
  • v1.8.2 - Synced from GitHub - Set version to 1.8.2
  • v1.7.0 - Synced from GitHub - Syntax fixes - Add "angle mode" selection. Move point drawing to own function.
  • v1.7.0 - Synced from GitHub - Add segment.isTurnAllowed() checks Misc code clean up - Add style element for options tab - Enumeration and syntax fixes - Routing instruction guessing logic rewrite - Reorder code - Cleanup whitespace and unused functions - More reordering - Merge branch 'FZ69617' - Tweak some logging and remove extra "error" returns from non-BC logic
  • v1.7.0 - Synced from GitHub - Push features directly to map layer instead of local variable first - Move markers so they don't overlap. Closes #6
  • v1.7.0 - Synced from GitHub - Simplify roundabout overlay overlap check - Misc code cleanup - Replace some for-loops with forEach - Skip "is normal" check for roundabouts with 5 or more valid exits - Misc cleanup - More for-loop conversions
  • v1.7.0 - Synced from GitHub - WIP: Roundabout support - Add helper function to calculate angle between 3 points - Add helper function to check for "normal" roundabouts - Kindof working roundabout support - Merge branch 'roundabout-test' - Release 1.7.0 - Release 1.7.0 (cherry picked from commit fb43de42744e76a46e38f7de44ebeb9efd20cb71) - Add support for select-elements in options. Add roundabout overlay option. Recalculate when applying settings. Fixed translations. - Skip painting angles inside high...
  • v1.6.7 - Synced from GitHub - Whitespace changed to tabs Release 1.6.6 Remove one class name from &quot;version&quot; list. Fixes #27 Add a 200 ms delay before actually calculating. This should fix issues with mass updates to segments, and also a few other strange behaviors. Closes #28 Release 1.6.7
  • v1.6.5 - Synced from GitHub - Fix copyright year in header Register event listener on map for &quot;zoomend&quot;. Fixes #26 Add support for zoom level 10
  • v1.6.5 - Synced from GitHub - Stop running script if bootstrapping fails repeatedly Remove console logging from the Firefox add-on. Add possibility for exemptions in PNT match Add more BC logic logging for no-alt Add detection of &quot;all day&quot; + &quot;every day&quot; restriction for &quot;private vehicle&quot; Release 1.6.5
  • v1.6.4.1 - Synced from GitHub - Just testing greasyfork functionality. Need to be able to update automatically =)
  • v1.6.4 - Synced from GitHub - replace setTimeout call arguments with methods to make the Mozilla Add-on validator happier Actually display the version also in the settings tab..
  • v1.6.3 - Imported from URL
  • v1.6.3 - Imported from URL