MTurkGrind Gender Reassignment

Display your choice of custom note/title under specified members' usernames. Can be used for reminders of people's genders, or anything else.

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I'm using this 'clickhappier-archive' account to post archival copies of old MTurk-related userscripts from (which is itself an archive of the defunct site and forum posts, which their authors or others haven't re-posted on Greasyfork yet. Some of these may no longer be all that interesting as more recent scripts may do what they do better, but some remain very useful.

This script was archived from this forum post.

Author: Kerek

Script Name: Mturk Grind Gender Reassignment

Last Update 11-15-2014

Script Summary: you can custom-title people like crazy with the script, no need to restrict yourself to a girl/guy paradigm.

Version: [updated by clickhappier to 0.2x for the 2015-01-17 MTG migration from vbulletin to xenforo forum software]

Note from Clickhappier: You add username-to-title/gender pairings by manually editing the code. Kerek created this script in response to the at-the-time absence of a standard way for users who want to do so to state their gender; not possible to fully substitute for that, but could be helpful for some to try to keep track of what they have been told. (Update: Now that MTG is using Xenforo, there is a 'gender' option people can use in their profiles, but some people may still want to use this for people who haven't used that setting yet, or for other custom titles.) In addition to the four examples Kerek originally included, I added the rest of the MTG staff members, and one other user whose gender discussion led to the creation of the script. You're on your own from there. ;-)

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