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Add a "previewandaccept" link after the preview link for HITs posted on mturk-related forums: MTurkGrind, MTurkForum, and TurkerNation.

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I'm using this 'clickhappier-archive' account to post archival copies of old MTurk-related userscripts from (which is itself an archive of the defunct site and forum posts, which their authors or others haven't re-posted on Greasyfork yet. Some of these may no longer be all that interesting as more recent scripts may do what they do better, but some remain very useful.

This script was archived from this forum post.

Author: Kerek

Script Name: MTurk Auto-Accept changer for

Last update 08-15-2014 [clickhappier updates: 11-18-2014 and 01-17-2015]

Script Summary: Changes "preview" links to "previewandaccept" on the mturkgrind forum. This splits it into two links, so the original preview remains but you can also accept if you so choose. I like it better than a straight conversion to panda links.

Version: 0.2 [clickhappier updates: 0.2.1, and 0.2.3x for the 2015-01-17 MTG migration from vbulletin to xenforo]

Note from Clickhappier: I tried this script when it was first posted, and seemed to be only able to use it if I wasn't running , regardless of which ran first. But if you're not using Ghost HIT Buster, this works well. (UPDATE: after a small tweak to the code, this script now works with Ghost HIT Buster!) Although originally written for MTurkGrind, I have this posting of it set up to run on MTurkGrind, MTurkForum, and TurkerNation.

A related script is Tjololo's (us-m), which is initially configured to only run on; be extra-careful with that one since every HIT posted on the forum will link straight to its acceptance with no alternative but clicking on the requester name instead, and don't try to run Ghost HIT Buster with it either.

For many more MTurk-related userscripts, see the Turking Scripts set.