WME PlaceNames

Show area and point place names in WME, color and highlight places by type and properties

These are versions of this script where the code was updated. Show all versions.

  • v0.81 2017-08-15 Matching the URI is changed in GreasyFork, modified @include to follow
  • v0.80 2017-03-31 Adapted to the new layer selector
  • v0.79 2017-02-13 Compatible with Event mode-Normal mode switching
  • v0.78 2017-01-02 Small fix to prevent exceptions on new residental places
  • v0.77 2016-11-13 Font fix for Ubuntu users
  • v0.76 2016-11-09 Added pt-BR localization, fixed loading problems with missing default WME 'en' localization
  • v0.75 2016-09-15 Latin American Spanish language support (by copying Spanish)
  • v0.74 2016-09-15 ES translation added
  • v0.73 2016-08-06 Compatibility with new beta WME URI, Hebrew translation
  • v0.72 2016-03-18 PL and FR translation
  • v0.71 2016-01-13 NL/CS translations added, plurals used, translation link provided to missing languages, internal optimizations for i18n
  • v0.70 2016-01-11 Internationalization is now possible, removed unsafeWindow calls, added grant header
  • v0.60 2015-11-03 Option to show place lock levels, and another option to limit drawn names to a specific number
  • v0.51 2015-01-18 Missing key toggle translation added and showing house numbers before hidden residential names
  • v0.5 2014-11-29 Master switch, storing on/off state of layer, highlighting private places without HN, name filter option, don't break non-breaking spaces, placement of names corrected for area places, refactored internals to be less resource hungry and more compatible
  • v0.4 2014-11-16 Removed NaN names, Moved names of Point places below the point, Highlighting Point places, Showing house numbers of nameless point places, Highlighting Parking lots too
  • v0.3 2014-11-12 Shift+N hotkey for layer toggle, Link to forum topic, option to display only point place names
  • v0.2 2014-10-28 Names of point places
  • v0.1 2014-10-28