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Arnold François Lecherche
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February 2015 This UserScript no longer works, and even blocking cookies and scripts using your browser's settings no longer works: You can't even see the threads on CandidForum without being registered, and they're no longer indexed by Google, so there's no more point in keeping this UserScript installed anymore. It was good while it lasted, but we now just need to wait for CandidForum to implode and its cammers to spread out elsewhere (maybe CandidBoard, which does have some CandidForum members already).

If you have any good stuff from that forum, post it here:

The original description, from October 2014, is below.

Ever since CandidForum started making inactive members pay to become active and therefore be able to click the download links, and unregistered members pay to become registered so they could continue browsing threads, I decided to figure out how to circumvent the board's anti-leeching measures; first, I noticed that if you clear your cookies, the "please register" message goes away, and clearing cookies also helps because CandidForum has no easy way to log out, so this script deletes your cookies for this domain. Second, I noticed that all of the links are visible under "View Source" and the buttons covering up the links are added using Javascript, so I deleted the body element's onload handler.