WME Validator North Carolina Localization

This script localizes WME Validator for United States. You also need main package (WME Validator) installed.

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Waze WME Validator Localization for North Carolina, United States

Script is not compatible with "WME Validator for Railroads". It must be disabled when using when using this script.

Script checks the following:
#130 - Checks for Potential Incorrect Abbreviation. (ALT, BUS, BYP, CONN, LOOP, SCN, SPUR, or TRUCK)
#131 - Verifies all US Highways are named US-xxx. (1-3 digits)
#132 - Verifies all North Carolina State Highways are named NC-xxx. (1-3 digits)
#133 - Verifies all US Highways are at least Major Highways. (except BUS, SPUR, LOOP)
#134 - Verifies all US BUS, SPUR, LOOP Highways and All State Highways (except BUS, SPUR, LOOP) are at least Minor Highways.
#135 - Verifies all All State BUS, SPUR, LOOP Highways are at least Primary Streets.
#138 - Verifies Jr, St, Dr, or Rev have a period if at the beginning of a street name.
#150 - Verifies all Freeways are locked to level 5 or higher.
#151 - Verifies all Major Highways are locked to level 4 or higher.
#152 - Verifies all Minor Highways are locked to level 3 or higher.
#153 - Verifies all Ramps are locked to level 3 or higher.
#154 - Verifies all Primary Streets are locked to level 2 or higher.
#167 - Verifies Railroad names.
#174 - Bad Street names that need to be corrected or removed.