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DesktopNexus - Direct Links (Original Resolution)

Shows direct link to the original resolution; no warped resize or crop.

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DesktopNexus - Direct Links (Original Resolution for Wallpapers)

Get a direct link to the original size image. No distortions or cropping.

Version 2: DN got SSL and I'm on a free host now so I removed the external jsonp which added direct links with PHP. I did fix it. The links will still open the original resolution image thanks to my crafty double includes method. Both ways are the only way to do it because DN uses many different subdomains.

Desktop Nexus is a pretty neat site for desktop wallpapers, however the process of getting the file saved to your desktop is little bit of a chore. First you have to click the thumbnail, then you have to click download, but instead of a straight forward link to the image as uploaded, you have to select a resolution (one chosen by default by detected screen size) which sounds good, but the thing is, that it will distort the original file (shrink/blow-up and/or crop, losing much of the good picture). My Mac will already do that for me whenever I set a background, so this Greasemonkey script helps cut out the middle man. Even if just image shopping, it's quicker and easier to go strait to the file without clicking through pages and getting warping cropped.