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Tumblr - Show dates on Dashboard, Queue, and Peepr.

Show post dates on dashboard.

This script has been deleted.

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Show past date/time on the dashboard, and future date/times on the queue page. In this version, I moved the date under the avatar, because it was crowding the top of the post when there were long blog names or reblog information.

version 5 - this is sort of a downgrade because I don't think it will read backdates anymore, but the API no longer works on the dashboard pages as Tumblr is blocking its own API... So now the date shown is no different than the date that shows when you roll over the permalink, except it's in date context and not day of the week context.

Update: 4.0.4 - corrected the Peepr date again... and I also found a reference to an old Tumblr function that no longer exists in the error console.

update 4.0.3 - corrected the Peepr date again

Update: 4.0.2 - Tumblr got rid of the side drawer iframe in place of Ajax drawer node insertion. I adjusted this version for the new Peepr. It now has Peepr dates again. Quick update 4.0.3 - I accidentally left in a testing alert. Don't need that. It probably won't alert if previous, but clean clean clean.

Update: 4.0.1 - I found a nagging error in the Queue page error console from a function that was meant to scroll the date on the dash because the queue doesn't have scrolling avatars. It wasn't causing any problems, but the error is now gone.

Version: 4 Jun 24, 2015 - Since Tumblr made the side dash, aka the Peepr, as the third way to look at somebody's posts, I decided I guess I should add dates in that thing as well. I hope I'm using the word Peepr correctly. That's what it's named in the HTML.

Update: 3.2.3 Jan 24,2015 - 3.2.2 - I found a strange line of CSS that was causing an odd border to appear left of the post while scrolling and corrected it. I also noticed some dates were getting added twice, so I modified the function to add the visible date classname before the ajax to the api. 3.2.3 - I just now found that this was adding another date because of the avatars in ask posts. So I added an eq index 0, to only add to the first avatar, so there isn't an odd misplaced double date.

Update: 3.2.1 - Tumblr changed the class name of the avatar wrapper, so this was throwing errors in my on scroll function to fade the date away when it's out of the post wrapper bottom. This problem is now corrected.
Version: 3.2 Jan 6, 2015 - Tumblr changed the dashboard to make avatars follow scroll as long as a post is moving up or down, so I modified my date to follow the avatar. I also changed the @namespace, because it was the incorrect url. My bad.
Update: 3.1.5 Dec30,2014 - I didn't change the core script; I just added another @include to make this work for manual dashboard page browsing. Now if you type the url to go to page 90 posts, as in that many earlier into your dashboard it will run and show dates.
Update: 3.1.4 Dec17,2014 - This is just a cosmetic update. Tumblr changed their design to an even darker grayish blue color, and I think this look fits in more naturally. I changed the screenshots on this page as well.