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Show Password

Rollover any password field to see the password as tooltip pop up.

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I need to see my password. “Show Password Tool Tip”

Update: 1.1 - Event listener "DOMSubtreeModified" was seemingly causing crashiness in jQuery based sites, so I changed it to run just once on page load, and then a 5 second interval to look for any dynamically added password inputs. This means there could be a short delay for password inputs added after page load, but it's much more stable now.

I wrote a small Greasemonkey script to show a mouse-over tool-tip for password fields. It’s for mostly personal use, because I’m bad with remembering complicated passwords; so I’m just showing off my script. There are Firefox addons that do relatively the same thing. The one I was using though was annoyingly jogging the caret position back to the beginning, causing my password to be typing in the wrong order. This uses a tool tip, so it doesn’t have to transform the input type causing the caret cursor back to move.

If you do use this, obviously don’t use where anyone can look over your shoulder. Using the title attribute is safe as the password field itself. Somebody could read the attribute in any possible XSS foreign script, but if there were an XSS in play, it could read the input value just as easily. This one is safe and small, just about 30 lines, so you can see the source is clean. It uses dom listeners for any dynamically added password fields and HTML5 oninput listeners, for when you are typing a complicated password that you most likely need to see to type it correct.