gravitonic connections

Shows paths between planets that can be reached by gravitonic and hyperjump connections

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2.1 (2018)
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 (CC BY 4.0)
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This plugin adds three tools for showing connections between planets: (1) GravConnect, (2) HYPConnect, and (3) W9Connect.

GravConnect shows paths between planets that can be reached by gravitonic connections. Paths in red indicate planet connections than can be reached in one turn at warp 9 by a ship with gravitonic engines. Connections that can be reached using non-gravitonic engines are not shown - use the built-in "Connections" tool or W9Connect instead.

HYPConnect draws connections between planets that can be reached by hyperjump in one turn. The tool draws a connection between planets that can either be reached directly, or by jumping into a warp well position that will result in the ship being sucked to the planet (i.e., all warp well positions except the four farthest from the planet).

W9Connect is an improved version of the built-in "Connections" tool that uses an algorithm similar to GravConnect. To show "hidden" connections that can only be reached through the warp well, use both W9Connect and "Connections" at the same time.

If you don't want to show all these tools on your menu, then you can disable them on lines 28-30.

NOTE: In this version, none of these tools consider the fact that planetoids have no warp wells, so some connections shown for planetoids may be "one-way" connections.

Usage: To show connections, click on "GravConnect," "HYPConnect" or "W9Connect" from the Map Tools menu. To hide connections, click on "GravConnect," "HYPConnect" or "W9Connect" again. discussion: