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Add some improvements to Dropbox interface, and in particular a tree of the folders on the left side of the screen to allow an easier navigation through the directories.

The script had to be rewritten after the recent upgrade of the Dropbox interface.

Do not hesitate to report if you face any problem with the script.


Version 1.01 (14 June 2011) improves the positioning of the dropdown menu when it is clicked on a file in every localized version of Dropbox (not only French).
Version 1.02 (19 June 2011) restores the use of the right button when clicking on the file list.
Version 1.1 (23 June 2011) adds the green arrow button at the end of each search result to allow to access directly the folder in which the search result is located.
Version 2.0 (19 March 2012) is rewritten due to the recent upgrade of Dropbox interface.
Version 2.01 (6 May 2012) takes into account the new layout of the site resulting from the addition of the "Photos" button in the left side-bar.
Version 2.02 (10 May 2012) corrects a bug in the script due to another change in the layout of the site.
Version 2.03 (6 September 2012) delays slightly the loading of the treeview until the page is loaded, in order to avoid a reference error.
Versions 2.04 and 2.05 (28 August 2013) improve the code readability and fix a bug which prevented the tree view to load on certain occasions.
Version 2.1 (18 December 2013) fixes a bug due to the new layout of the site.
Version 2.2 (23 April 2014) fixes a bug due to new security requirements of the site.
Version 2.2.1 (9 September 2014) improves the height of the tree.
Version 2.2.2 (19 September 2014) corrects a bug.
Version 2.2.3 (29 October 2015) adapts to the new version of Dropbox website.
Version 2.3 (13 Novembre 2015) enlarges the display of the tree if the window width allows it.