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Tumblr - Mass Posting Photos, Audio, Videos (bot, batch, bulk)

On your drafts page, mass upload photos/audio and batch post + external audio/video.

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downgrade 2.3.4 - Tumblr now blocks non Yahoo/Google scripts from embedding and that's how I was fetching video descriptions and song tags. I completely forgot about my JSONp. Topten discovered this. This is a downgrade, but the fatal error with video and MP3 lists has been fixed. (Jan 2, 2017)

version 2.3.3 - What are the odds that Tumblr would rename the same element, which rename caused the first fatal error, for a whole new second time causing the same fatal error? It's almost like they know about it. Thanks Tumblr for renaming the element because you made me realize reading the src of the avatar img is flawed, so for this version I took that one line to the API so now it should be set in stone not to break because of the one optional album art line.

update 2.3.2 - I fixed a fatal error that was caused by one clumsy line. The thing was still fully functional except for the string replace on an the avatar, to make default album art with avatar_512. Tumblr changed the classname so it broke the whole script. It's now corrected in this version.

v 2.3.1 - I found a nasty flaw with video posts, that flood the page with loading ticker GIFs when there is only supposed to be one ticker gif. I never noticed it before, because I never really used the youtube video batch much. It's corrected.

UPGRADE 2.3 - I sucked it up and got an SSL certificate for my JSON host, so now my script can automatically get ID3 tags and Youtube descriptions again; working fixed!

Tumblr - Mass Posting Photos, Audio, Videos (bot, batch, bulk)
I'm excited to announce the bulk uploader/poster "Tumblr - Mass Posting Photos, Audio, Videos", the script!

Go to your drafts page, and drag and drop photos/mp3s onto the drop area, or click the browse button and select multiple files with shift for the old style. Then click upload/post button and it makes tons of posts one-by-one. Or create a list of Youtube urls (or other Tumblr compatible vid hosts) or externally hosted mp3 file urls, separated with commas (,) or newlines and you can either paste it into the textarea in textarea mode, or save the list as a plain text file (.txt) and drag it to the drop area, and it will make tons of audio/video posts.

It works just fine if you have the Firefox addon Greasemonkey, or the Chrome addon Tampermonkey.

The reason why this creates drafts rather than live posts, is because it doesn't tag or caption. As with everything in your drafts page, you can add the final touch to the posts before posting or queuing. I recommend my other script Mass Post Features, which adds drafts to the Mass Post Editor.

note: mp3 upload may be buggy yet with the upload limit being only 10 mb,; I hit the limit and couldn't test much. I may test tomorrow and update this when my limit clears, but since the limit is so small, I don't see how batch upload will be handy... yet, batch external mp3 url works great!

WARNING - If you also use my Mass Post Features userscript to edit the posts in the Mass Post Editor, DO NOT USE MASS BACKDATE on these batched photo posts! For some reason the Mass Backdate feature in that other user script breaks batched photo posts and they lose their image URL. I can't figure out. Regular Tumblr backdate works on the batched posts and the mass backdate does not break posts created manually. It's strange.