Udemy Notifications Enhanced

Enhances the Udemy notification area to show more and make the buttons more accessible.

Bryan “Ironman” Stark
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Udemy Notifications Enhanced

This UserScript transforms the notification area on Udemy, focusing on enhancing readability and user interaction. By applying a series of CSS modifications, it offers a more streamlined and accessible notifications interface. Key features include:

  • Flexible Layout Enhancement: Converts the main container to a flexible display, organizing child elements vertically for improved structure and visibility.

  • Expanded Notification List: Widens the notification list to use up to 220% of the screen width, with a maximum width set at 1500px. This ensures that notifications are easier to read, reducing the need to scroll horizontally.

  • Accessibility Improvements for Buttons: Moves the 'Load More' and 'Mark All as Read' buttons to the top of the page, making them readily accessible and easier to use.

  • Left-Aligned 'Load More' Button: Aligns the contents of the 'Load More' button to the left, enhancing readability and consistency with the page layout.

  • Adjusted Notification Info Area: Increases the height of the notification info area to 170px, allowing for more content to be displayed and improving overall readability.

  • Styling Enhancements: Implements a series of styling adjustments including a carriage return after notification titles for better separation, a normal font weight for body text to facilitate reading, and layout tweaks to reveal the time posted more clearly.

  • Increased Content Visibility: Expands the vertical scroll area and the height of the message card area to 300px, enabling more notifications to be viewed simultaneously without the need for scrolling.

Designed to make the Udemy notifications page more intuitive and efficient, this script is ideal for anyone looking to optimize their learning experience on the platform. It simplifies navigation and interaction, ensuring that managing notifications is quicker and more straightforward.