Disable YouTube Autoplay

Keeps checking if autoplay got enabled by itself and disables it. This stops YouTube from forcing you to watch some random video next after the one you're currently watching ends, even if you disabled autoplay.

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Tad WohlrappAuthor
Posted: 2024-01-22

I just updated the script, maybe now it works a bit more reliable?

To be honest tho, it's still far from perfect, and from time to time it doesn't work for me as well, until I refresh the current tab.

Still, I guess it's better than nothing, haha

Posted: 2024-01-23

I think my problem is actually something else that this script can't fix. It's that new videos keep getting added once the end of a queue is reached and that autoplayed, regardless of autoplay setting. It's specific to queues - normal playlists work just fine. This seems to be more of a YouTube bug.

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