StateFarm Client V3 - Combat, Bloom, ESP, Rendering, Chat, Automation, Botting, Unbanning and more

Fixed for 0.47.5! Advanced, Open Source, No Ads. Best cheats menu for Shell Shockers in 2024. Many modules such as Aimbot, PlayerESP, AmmoESP, Chams, Nametags, Join/Leave messages, Chat Filter Disabling, AntiAFK, FOV Slider, Zooming, Co-ords, Player Stats, Auto Refill and many more whilst having unsurpassed customisation options such as binding to any key, easily editable colour scheme and themes - all on the fly!

StateFarm Client

for Shell Shockers

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StateFarm is the BEST hack client for Shell Shockers (, including Aimbot, ESP, Bloom Hacks, Botting, Custom Binding, Highly Customisable Modules, Chat Mods and so much more!

> StateFarm Client V3 is based off LibertyMutual Client
> This is a simpler template client, intended to be a base for StateFarm but anyone is welcome to use it in their own projects.

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The information below is accurate as of StateFarm version 3.4.0-pre57.

Table of Contents

Download Sources:

Installation Tutorial:

Before you can install the client, there are a few things you must set up to be able to run userscripts.

  1. Install Tampermonkey from or any other userscript manager.
  2. Open the Tampermonkey dashboard.
  3. Visit the GreasyFork page & click Install this script.
    • Alternatively, use the raw version from Github.
  4. Visit (or another Shell Shockers link), & use StateFarm!

Getting Started:

> You just installed Statefarm Client...and you're probably confused by all the tabs, sliders, & buttons. > Below is a few basic ways to start using StateFarm.

  • Press 'H' to show/hide the panel. You can also drag it by clicking & dragging StateFarm at the top.
  • Click on various categories (combat, render, chat, etc) for different areas of cheating.
  • Press 'J' to show/hide the botting panel. This allows you to use bots.

Here are some key features to learn:


Aimbot is one of the key features of StateFarm, it is the most powerful combat module.
To configure the aimbot, open the Combat tab.

  • If you have an external mouse, activate ToggleRM to use the right side of the mouse to toggle aimbot.
  • Use Prediction & AntiBloom to have better accuracy.
  • If using a mouse, click the v key to enable & disable aimbot.


Being also named wall hacks, these cheats allow you to see players through walls.
To configure ESP, open the Render tab.

  • To see eggs through walls with boxes, enable PlayerESP.
  • To see all players easily with lines, enable Tracers.
  • To see players' eggs through walls (not guns), enable Chams.
  • To see nametags through walls, enable Nametags.
  • You also may want to adjust your FOV with the slider. The default for Shell Shockers is 72.


Binding Modules:

With the exception of the color pickers and some links, each option should all be bindable to a key of your choice.

  1. Visit the upmost tab of the cheat you wish to bind.
  2. Click on the Binds button.
  3. Find the cheat name, and choose Set Bind to the right.
    • Some cheats already have binds. To change these, click on the preset key
  4. Press the key to bind! It's that simple. > If you want to remove a bind, press your 'Delete' key instead of a bind.


  • Aimbot - locks onto targeted player.
    • TargetMode - decides the priority for which player aimbot should target.
    • Pointing At - closest to direction the camera is pointing.
    • Nearest - closest to the player in proximity.
    • TargetVisibile - a filter, applied after TargetMode helping to pick the aimbot target
    • Disabled - track the person TargetMode strictly decides
    • Prioritise Visible - visible players are the PRIORITY, only targets players behind walls if none are visible.
    • Only Visible - only targets visible players. if none are visible, nobody is targeted.
    • ToggleRM - modifies aimbot to only lock when the right mouse is held.
    • SilentAim - shoots without moving the camera. ONLY visual, VERY blatant cheating. more information
    • NoWallTrack - aimbot ignores the player if they're behind obstacles.
    • Prediction - predicts where the player will be when the bullet hits them.
    • AntiBloom - locks onto the predicted bloom point. good for shooting & moving.
    • AntiSwitch - prevents the aimbot from changing the target until they die.
    • 1Kill - disables aimbot when the player dies.
    • MinAngle - prevents you from snapping if the angle between you and the player is greater than this value.
    • AntiSnap - this makes snapping smooth at higher values. useful to avoid being spotted.
    • AntiSneak - recommended distance under 2. this automatically kills players in this range.
    • ESPColor - the color used to highlight the ESP line of a targeted player. useless if PlayerESP is disabled.
  • AutoRefill - this automatically reloads your gun if there is no more ammo.
  • SmartRefill - this makes your weapon refill at the best moment, which reduces reload time.
  • AutoFire - automatically shoot the gun.
  • AutoFireType - picks how to shoot the gun
    • Force Automatic - changes guns which normally aren't automatic into ones that are.
    • While Visible - automatically shoots the gun when a player is visible.
    • While Aimbotting - automatically shoot the gun when you're aimbotting.
    • When Visible + Aimbotting - the above two things, together.
    • Always - forever shoot the gun like a maniac.
  • GrenadeMAX - sets grenades to be thrown to max power immediately without the need of charging.


  • PlayerESP - creates boxes around enemy players.
  • Tracers - creates lines pointing from the center of the screen to the location of enemy players.
  • Chams - renders players through walls.
  • Nametags - enlarges nametags and makes them appear through walls.
  • Targets - render a red sphere inside players that deals the most damage to them when shot.
  • Ammo ESP/Tracers options - displays where ammo/grenades are on the map
    • ESP - outlines the ammo/grenades
    • Tracers - adds tracers like the ones with normal ESP to ammo/grenades
    • Regime - allows you to configure when to trace
  • FOV - controls the FOV of the client.
  • ZoomFOV - controls how zoomed in/out you are.
  • Wireframe - outlines map objects to allow you to see directly though walls.
  • EggSize - changes how big eggs are.
  • SetDetail - changes quality of game graphics.
  • Textures - disables some textures. primarily, the sky.
  • RenderDelay - basically, this adds extra FPS buffer.


  • ShowBloom - displays the next shot's bloom as a red dot onscreen.
  • Leaderboard - highlights currently aimbotting player on the leaderboard
  • Coords - displays current position on the map.
  • HPDisplay - displays the health of your opponents.
  • PlayerInfo - displays added information about the player you're targeting.
  • GameInfo - displays extra game information.
  • ShowStream - detects & displays ongoing twitch streamers.


  • InfiniHistory - disables the default limiting of message history.
  • HighlightTxt - allows you to highlight text from the chat to copy somewhere else.
  • Max Ingame - the number of messages to show ingame (if unset, infinite history will cause issues)
  • ShowFiltered - view messages that are caught by the game filter in red.
  • BypassFilter - bypass naughty word game message filter!
  • TallChat - makes the chat text taller, appends a character to all sent messages.
  • AntiAFK - prevents you from automatically leaving the lobby.
  • Spammer - automatically send messages
    • Delay - the interval to send messages.
    • Spam Text - the message to spam.
  • Trolling
    • Mock - rudely mocks people talking in chat.
    • Announcer - announces when you change GUI config.
    • AutoEZ - gloats on people when you kill them.
    • CheatAccuse - accuses your killer of cheating.
  • Join/Leave Messages
    • Join Msgs - notify you when players join.
    • Leave Msgs - notify you when players leave.
    • Send2Chat - decides if these messages are shown to only you or everyone.
    • [SFC]Added - if send2chat is enabled, this will add [SFC] to the beginning of the join/leave messages.


  • Whitelist
    • Enter a list of names to use the below configuration. Separate with commas.
    • WAimbot - only will aimbot on the specified whitelist player(s). if the player(s) are all dead, you will target nothing.
    • WESP - a special behavior will appear to whitelisted ESP people.
    • Highlight - make their ESP line a special color.
    • Only Include - only includes their specific ESP line.
  • Blacklist
    • Enter a list of names to use the below configuration. Separate with commas.
    • BAimbot - never will aimbot on the specified whitelist player(s).
    • BESP - a special behavior will appear to blacklisted ESP people.
    • Highlight - make their ESP line a special color.
    • Just Exclude - excludes their specific ESP line entirely.


  • FloodReport - mass reports everyone. o7, comrade.
  • Bunnyhop - makes you automatically bunnyhop.
  • AutoWalk - walks forward automatically.
  • AutoStrafe - strafes automatically.
  • AutoJump - jumps on the specified interval (JumpDelay).
  • AutoWeapon - automatically picks a weapon.
  • AutoGrenade - automatically grenades w/ a delay.
  • AutoJoin - automatically joins a game. use Retrieve to get the current game code.
  • AutoName - automaticaly names yourself.
    • StealName - steals a random lobby player's name.
    • RandomName - gets a random shell shockers default sounding name.
  • AutoRespawn - automatically respawn.
  • AutoTeam - automatically picks a team.
  • GameBlacklist - prevents you from joining specific games.
  • LeaveEmpty - leaves empty games.
  • AutoLeave - automatically leaves after a specified interval.
  • Gamemode - picks a gamemode for autojoin.
  • AutoRegoin - automatically selects a region to play in.
  • EggColor - picks the egg color automatically.
  • AutoStamp - picks the egg stamp automatically.
  • AutoHat - picks the egg hat automatically.


> To open the botting panel, open it in the botting tab, or press J (default key).

Base Instructions:

  1. Make sure you have pop-ups enabled for your website.
    • You can see an article for Chrome here.
  2. Configure your settings and press the Deploy button.
    • For information on what you can configure, see below.
  3. Make sure your windows stay "focused".
    • See setup below that keeps the windows running.
    • The windows must be partially visible to execute the needed javascript.

> An example setup. Host player is on the bottom while the bots are above, stacked so that they are all counted as "active". StateFarm will automatically arrange bots into this formation.


  • BotAmount - the number of bots/windows opened.
    • Press Deploy to start the bots.
  • UseNames - use special customized names.
  • AntiDupe - prevents duplication of names with a random letter at the end.
  • CopyNames - copies names from other players in the lobby.
  • BotColor - sets the egg skin color of your bots.
  • BotStamp - sets the stamp of your bots.
  • BotHat - sets the hat of your bots. ### Manage
  • CloseTabs - closes all bot tabs & kills all bots.
  • Refresh - reloads all bot tabs.
  • NewProxies - moves bots to new proxies.
  • UnbanAll - unbans all bots.
  • AutoUnbanBot - automatically unbans all bots when they're banned.
  • Don'tKillMe - forces bots to ignore you.
  • Don'tKillBot - forces bots to ignore other bots.
  • LeaveGames - makes all bots leave their games.
  • LeaveEmpty - makes bots leave empty games.
  • AutoLeave - makes bots leave after the specified interval.
  • SpamReport - makes the bots report everyone in the lobby.
  • JoinGame - forces bots to join a game.
  • GameCode - the code of the game the bots will join.
    • if not specified, they'll find a random.
    • use Retrieve to get the current code.
  • GameType - the game type the bots join - ffa, kotc, etc. can be random or disabled.
  • AutoRegion - the region the bots join - use, usc, etc. can be random or disabled.
  • SelectTeam - automatically picks the bots' teams. ### Params
  • DoPlay - will the bots spawn?
  • LowRes - keeps resolution of the game low, reduces resources needed.
  • RenderDelay - adds a forced fps buffer, makes game laggier.
  • MuteGame - shuts the game up.
  • DoSeizure - will the bots enable seizure mode?
  • DoTallChat - enables the Tall Chat module for bots.
  • DoMock - makes the bots mock chatting players.
  • DoAutoEZ - makes the bots gloat about their kills.
  • DoChAccuse - makes the bots accuse their killers when dying.
  • DoSpam - makes the bots spam.
  • SelectWeapon - makes the bots pick a weapon.
  • DoMove - makes the bots move around.
  • DoShoot - makes the bots shoot.
  • DoAimbot - makes the bots have aimbot.

> The Info tab will display information about the bots.


  • Mute Game - mute the game?
  • DistanMult - makes the distance when playing sfx change.
  • CustomSFX - uses custom SFX packages.
  • ReplaceLogo - replaces shell shockers' logo with the StateFarm logo.
  • AnimateTitle - makes the page title look cool.
  • Theme - controls the UI theme.


  • Ad Block - prevents the anti-adblocker code.
  • VIP Spoof - makes you look like a VIP locally (other players won't see).
  • UnlockSkins - unlocks all skins in locally (other players will not see these).
  • AdminSpoof - shows admin options such as BOOT and BAN in games. no ACTUAL functionality.
  • Unban - unbans you by signing out. you will lose skins if you're not signed in.
  • AutoUnban - automatically detects bans & unbans in above fashion.
  • NewProxy - switches to a new shell shockers link. SF config won't be transferred.
  • ReloadPage - reloads the page.
  • SwitchFocus - controls the focus of the game.
  • RandomPath - forces a new random path (pathfinding currently disabled).

Client & About:

  • HideGUI - hides the big StateFarm menu. default key to do this is H.
  • Popups - disables/enables bottom-left corner popups of configs changed & notifications.
  • Panic - allows you to quickly exit to a set URL. great for hacking in class.
  • Presets
    • Preset List - pick a preset from the dev team & apply it to get custom settings from us.
    • Save - saves your current settings as a preset.
    • Delete - deletes a preset.
    • Import - imports a custom preset.
    • Export - copies your current preset to the clipboard.
  • Reset - powerwashes StateFarm completely.


> Ads are quite an annoying feature. Use the steps below to add a good ad-blocker.
> Use the 'Ad Block' feature in the Misc tab to disable Ad Blocker detection.
> This is unspecific to StateFarm Client but is here as a helpful tip for general user experience improvement.


  1. Install uBlock Orgin - the best adblocker.
    • uBlock Origin is NOT uBlock. They are different.
  2. Enable uBlock Origin. That's it. No more ads.

Issues and Troubleshooting

Known Issues Solution
Stuck on loading screen Press CTRL+F5 (or FN+F5) until "Script Injected" is shown.

> If you have any issues, feel free to contact us in our Discord server.

Credits & Disclaimer

  • Hydroflame521 - the man who started StateFarm client, a heavy contributor of code.
  • onlypuppy7, porcupane, & not_food - the main developers of StateFarm client.
  • de_Neuublue, OakSwingZZZ and 1ust - contributed to code in StateFarm client.
  • susdung - made the visuals improved on StateFarm client. <!-- Zertalious - old code in old versions. --> <!-- oops i commented this out! what a horrible mistake! someone should really fix this idk... -->

StateFarm Client is a powerful tool, but like any powerful tool, it can have unintended consequences. We urge you to consider these points before using it:

  • Social Impact: StateFarm Client's functionalities may negatively impact your relationships. Using it excessively could lead to lost friendships, damaged reputations, and social isolation.
  • Public Perception: Using StateFarm Client in public lobbies is highly discouraged. It can cause frustration and hostility among others, potentially leading to bans and loss of in-game progress. Be respectful of shared spaces and avoid actions that disrupt others' experiences.
  • Loss of Progress: Your usage of StateFarm Client may cause you to lose all of your in-game progress such as "skins", "eggs", or VIP status. You may also be banned in game, which is not our concern.

Remember, be safe & wise on the internet.