Greasy Fork - Analyze from posted scripts

Shows the total amount for each rating, total/daily installs, and scripts posted on any user profile and search pages.

These are versions of this script where the code was updated. Show all versions.

  • v14 2024-07-16

    Minor code and loading speed improvements.

  • v13 2024-07-12

    data.all_listable_scripts no longer exist because of

  • v12 2024-07-07

    Fixed a minor bug that was making the script not work for logged-in users who have capitalized letters on their usernames.

  • v11 2024-07-06

    Fixed a bug that was making the script break when looking at an author page without being logged in.

  • v10 2024-06-25

    Fixed a bug that was making a logged-in user unable to see the information of other users.

  • v9 2024-06-22

    Minor text change.

  • v8 2024-06-20

    Added support to track "latest updated at".
    Code fully rewritten and decreased by almost half to use the GreasyFork "API".
    Now logged in users are able to see the total amount of scripts and libraries published, including their own unlisted scripts.

  • v7 2024-06-19

    Fixed a bug that was making the script not display properly numbers on script search pages.
    Add support to work on any page language.
    Improved script code.

  • v6 2023-12-17

    Now the script calculates all data available on all scripts for users that published 50+ scripts.

  • v5 2023-06-14

    Fixed a bug that was not showing the correct latest created date value on the script user profile when the user was logged in.

  • v4 2023-06-09

    Added script icon

  • v3 2023-06-09

    Fixed minor bug that was making the script not work on user pages when the user was not logged in.
    Added Daily/Total installs and Rating totals on the right menu sidebar.

  • v2 2023-06-08

    Removed needless JQuery library

  • v1 2023-06-08