s Youtube Automatic BS Skip 2.9.1 fork May2023 bugfix

Fork of YouTube Automatic BS Skip 2.9.1 by JustDaile https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/392459-youtube-automatic-bs-skip . Automatic skipping of fixed length intros/outros for your favourite Youtube channels.

These are versions of this script where the code was updated. Show all versions.

  • v2.9.1.13 2023-05-06

    No code change.
    Change title and update description to clarify original version and credit original author JustDaile.

  • v2.9.1.12 2023-04-29

    bug fix

  • v2.9.1.11 2023-04-25

    improve intro skip

  • v2.9.1.10 2023-04-25

    bugfix: skip intro for same video, eg browser back action

  • v2.9.1.9 2023-04-25


  • v2.9.1.8 2023-04-25

    bug fix: background tab skip
    bug fix: skip intro bug

  • v2.9.1.7 2023-04-20

    refactor code and fix bug

  • v2.9.1.6 2023-04-20

    improved intro skipping

  • v2.9.1.5 2023-04-19

    minor fix

  • v2.9.1.4 2023-04-19

    replaced channel switch detection logic : use fetch() instead of the arbitrary 5s stale data countdown

  • v2.9.1.3 2023-04-17

    minor ui update

  • v2.9.1.2 2023-04-17

    bugfix skipintro when switching channel: increase grace period from 3s to 5s; if staledata selectors.stream.unbind("timeupdate")

  • v2.9.1 2023-04-03
  • v2.9.1DaileAlimoMIT_edit20230403 2023-04-03
  • v2.9.1DaileAlimoMIT_edit20230401 2023-04-01