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Tumblr - Not sure if following...

Shows who is following in your following page.

This script has been deleted.

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update 3.4.1 I discovered the unfollow mode button is missing if there is no next page button. Fixed.

update 3.4 I added a new button called "All in 1-Page". To use, you must be on the first page and unfollow mode must be off. It loads all your followings into one page to test follow-backs. I only tested with following about 900 blogs. More than that may be crashy. idk... I got a request for this, to unfollow all nonfollowers at once.

update 3.3 - The ajax response server now only accepts GET instead of POST so I fixed it. You're welcome!

update 3.2 - Tumblr changed how user blogs are stored, so I had to modify how to fetch them.

update 3.1.2 - A blogger named konfavs discovered this problem in mass post features. If a blog had square brackets in the title/description it broke my regex. I made a better function to capture the tumblelogs array and now I have to update 10 userscripts that had the old regex.

update 3.1.1 - Tumblr changed the menu that holds the secondary blogs into that dropdown thing, so I had to update the script once more to reference the blog names. This corrected a fatal flaw, so now this latest version will be the only functional version.

Version 3.1 - with Unfollow Mode

- I made a new feature for quick unfollowing all those who don't follow you back. You will have to browse page by page and re-follow those who you still want to follow, and it will save them from Unfollow Mode in further runs until the list of to-save blogs is cleared with the browser cookie. I needed this most because my Follow Your Fans script had me following 1000+ blogs which you think would be cool, but the dashboard had 100+ new posts within 20 seconds of viewing the dashboard. Which means the people who see my dashboard, my follower's posts were lost in a rapid waterfall of those who I've been following for almost a year and whom still don't follow me back. It's not fair that my followers see my posts, but I lose theirs.

Page to page unfollowing is necessary just in case you see any blogs you like. One automatic swoop of unfollowing unfollowers would lose that.

That /following page is strange, as in it will overlap the unfollowed offset. So you will have to go back in forth (prev and next page), say if you unfollow 13 people, the next page doesn't jump into place by 13.

To clear any confusion about the screen, the blogs it unfollowed show the follow button, and blogs I follow show “Unfollow” because I still follow them and it won’t un-follow thems.

3.0.1 - In previous version 3 I added an ajax error repeat, for when it finds an error, but I realized the trial repeat is not necessary because the error only happens when the blog you follow is somebody's secondary blog, so there is no chance they follow anybody. Removing the repeater reduces a significant amount of crashiness/slowness.

Version 3

- The whole detecting if a blog blocked you failed. I did implement, a maybe blocked function in 2.4 (if you want to downgrade), but because it it really NOT-BLOCKED 99% of the time I removed the whole "if blocked" part altogether. And now this is just the classic, "Not Sure if Following" script again and it only detects who follows you back. I am still determine to find a new way to test "if blocked", but it will be in a separate script. Blocking is so ineffective and rare anyway, that if a script can't detect it, I'm pretty sure you yourself wouldn't even know it, because you can still see their posts on their blog and even on the dashboard inside the Peepr side pop up frame. Version 3, same as version 2, shows followers for secondary blogs as well, not just your main. I also fixed some bugs and added better error detection, because some blogs (whom I follow) have a link in my page, but don't seem to exist.

version 2.4

I got a low rating because Tumblr seems to have deprecated the dashboard link where dashboard/100/post-id + 1 shows the dash with that post id ascending (and dashboard/100/post-id - 1 descending). I was using that method to test for the latest post on the dash, and my formula was that if post not on dash that blog blocked you.


It seems the dashboard is choosey about show certain latest posts. It could be a bug, or Tumblr is trying to make posts show up in a theme of similar tags in a row, and leaving out odd balls. Hence my script shows porn blogs with the latest post amongst a string of kitten posts, as “blocked you”, because the post is not showing up on the dash.

So I changed it a “maybe blocked?” label, where you’ll need to test the post yourself. Click “POST” for the blog link, and “NOT FOUND” for the deprecated dashboard/100 link. It will say “ok” if the blog neither follows your main nor has blocked you.

I really miss the dash/100 link. People used to use it in themes to show dashboard links to their followers.

I did look into testing the dash with Tumblr’s new thing, but it shows blogs even if they blocked you. So I guess because blocking is done so poorly (you can still see their blog post and dash posts if in the peepr frame) so I might take the blocked part out of my script if it fails even more in the future. I think people really like it for the follow-4-follow mostly.

Not sure if following... (or blocked)

This script shows who follows you back on the page, and which blog of yours they follow. This can be handy if you want to impose a follow-for-follow policy. Also if they blocked/ignored your main blog, it will show that too. That tests the dashboard for a blog you follow, but does not seem to be following you back, and if that blog's latest post is missing from your dash that means they've blocked you from seeing their posts. However that method can only work to see if your main blog is blocked, because you only have the one dashboard. It does, however, perfectly use Tumblr's built-in friend tester to show if they follow you back or which sub-blog of yours they follow.

Special thanks to AB from (and my secondary temp account) for blocking me temporarily so I could test the blocked concept.