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*SAFELY* eliminate 10-minute chat resets + constant network errors + Cloudflare checks from ChatGPT

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Keeps ChatGPT sessions fresh via background requests to eliminate chat time limits + network errors + Cloudflare checks.

💡 What it does

  • Removes 10-minute time limit from conversations (when Chat History is disabled)

  • Get rid of annoying Cloudflare checks:

  • Get rid of annoying ChatGPT network errors:

💊 Benefits

   🛡️ Safe — No unnecessary account-related requests sent

   🪶 Lightweight — Very little code used, only what's neccessary (keep session alive) saving memory

   ⌛ Time-saver — No more constant copy/paste/refresh just from minutes of inactivity!

   🤯 Works even in background tabs!

🗨️ User feedback

🚀 Installation

  1. Install Tampermonkey (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera)

  2. Click green Install this script button at top of page (will load in userscript manager installed above)

  3. Visit as normal, and sessions will automatically refresh at a regular interval!

⚡ Dependencies

ChatGPT Auto Refresh relies on code from the powerful chatgpt.js library (c) 2023–2024 KudoAI & contributors under the MIT license.

🌐 Compatibility

ChatGPT Auto Refresh is compatible w/ the following browsers using Tampermonkey:

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🧠 Contributors

This script exists thanks to code, translations, issues & ideas from the following contributors:

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