YouTube™ Classic 📺 — (Remove rounded design + Return YouTube dislikes)

Reverts YouTube to its classic design (before all the rounded corners & hidden dislikes) + redirects YouTube Shorts

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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 2024-01-02

It works well. Although to see the "dislikes" instead of using the extension (like everyone else), I used their script version of the extension that shows the "dislikes" which apparently does not have any conflicts or problems working with their script . Still I have had a problem elsewhere. I don't know if you remember that in the old version of YouTube to access "more channel information" there was a tab next to another called "channels".

Currently the way to access said information (channels and channel description) is through a button below the channel name. But when I have the script active, that button disappears and cannot be accessed.

The images serve to show how "more channel information" (channel description) is currently accessed. Without its active script a button appears below the channel name, but with the active script it disappears and cannot be accessed through any mode.

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