Links to titles - MAL

Shows entry and topic titles instead of full link urls.

These are versions of this script where the code was updated. Show all versions.

  • v9 2022-08-21

    Added support to YT videos and images uploaded on;

  • v8 2022-08-17

    Added support to pages

  • v7 2022-08-16

    Added support to the following pages;
    Private Messages
    My Recommendations

    Now the script;
    Shows sub pages after the entry title.
    Shows the topic comment number for comments on any pages of the topic.
    Makes only one API network for all links even if the page has the same link in multiple places.
    Converts links to bbcode with the entry/forum title on the fly as the user types or pastes links.

  • v6 2022-08-07

    Added support to club comments.

  • v5 2022-08-07

    Now TamperMonkey should stop showing the screen "A userscript wants to access a cross-origin resource.".

  • v4 2022-08-06

    Updated description

  • v3 2022-08-06

    Updated description

  • v2 2022-08-06

    Now the script;
    Uses the Official MAL API.
    Supports forum topics links.
    Doesn't make any API calls in case the URL text already contains the entry name.
    Adds the forum topic message id number for the first 100 posts (2 pages) of any topics.

  • v1 2022-07-30