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Get new anime recommendations based on your list.

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Get new anime recommendations every 30 minutes when open your profile.

The recommendations are taken directly from the Maki's website API, what means that they are very unique to you, and different from what and MAL always recommend you.

The script shows any amount of recommendations you want from 1 to 100 animes, and you can also filter recommendations by the genre you want. Click on the text "Anime Recommendations" to set those settings.

This script also lets you see what are the anime recommendations for any users, so you can know what they like by seeing what the script recommends them, and it also helps you quickly know what to recommend them.

*By default Hentai animes are never recommended.
*Filtering with multiple genres is not possible by Maki.
*The numbers XX% on each recommendation shows how likely you're to like the anime on a scale of 0-100.
*Do not capitalize any letters when writing the genre you want, it also doesn't need any commas, only underlines on the genres that have it written on them.
*Your username or the username of the profile you open must be composed only by alphanumeric character plus - and _. It also must have a length between 3 and 32 characters.
*Maki system takes a couple days to stop recommending animes you have already completed, please wait a couple days for the recommendations to improve and stop recommending animes you've already completed. The recommendations gets better and better as time goes by...