YouTube Clickbait-Buster

Check whether it's worth watching a video before actually clicking on it by peeking it's visual or verbal content, description, comments, viewing the thumbnail in full-size and displaying the full title. Works on both YouTube's desktop and mobile layouts, and is also compatible with dark theme.

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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 2023-04-01

Thanks for such a useful script! I wanted to suggest some improvements for future versions:

  1. When clicking the timestamps in video's storyboard -> open video in floating window (like YouTube Video Preview and Ratings Keyless or YouTube Link Title), not in new tab. This will make browsing more consistent.
  2. Changing options inside script disables autoupdate in Tampermonkey. Add options menu to remember user's settings.
Posted: 2023-04-03

Thanks for the suggestions.

  1. That would be interesting, it could be an option.
  2. That would be nice.

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