NEW Virus mod 1.2 hack!

Pancake mod, edited by Viruster! It's now one of the best mods of all time! (includes worlds best anti-insta, the fastest insta, many features and the best of all... It was made with 5 days and THIS IS ONLY THE SECOND VERSION!!

Virus ter and W4IT
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This script is a revamp of made by @W4IT.
This mod will get better and bette after time.

Virus mod 1.2! hack. In the first/second version, people were saying my insta was slow, and was one of the worst, so. Say no more! I made a even better one! (Reverse insta v2)! It is a little hard to use, but if its used right there is no way somone can survive it (Even if they hold "Q", they will be instantly clowned and the damage adds up to be a insta even if they heal 4 times in the inta, clowning them, they will die!

Also, people say that a anti insta with holding "Q" is pathetic, so I changed it to "3". Also, this helps with the easy clowning.

I'm working on auto insta and counter insta, these may take a while, since I don't even know the player range of weapons

The best insta setup I have here for you is:
diamond pole arm with bull (80 dmg)
musket (50 dmg)
spike gear **somtimes can depend** (45 dmg on average)
2 greater spikes (35 + 35 = 70)
turret hat (25)
80 + 50 + 45 + 70 + 25

270 damaI updated authorsge! (this will be a world record if you use 2 turrets aswell. **with 2 extra turrets you get 320!**
320 total damage!
And this is a good insta, now I think the people in the feedback that say all I did was copy and that I don't even know how to code and give me a bad review.