Touhou.AI | Manga Translator (Regular Edition)

(WIP) Translate texts in images on Pixiv, Twitter

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Touhou.AI | Manga Translator (Regular Edition)

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Note: This is an automatic uploader, not a standalone translator. Translations are submitted anonymously and performed on the server.

Starting from v0.7.10, this script now has two versions: the regular edition and the NSFW edition (still in development). If your userscript manager didn't handle this update correctly, try removing then reinstall the script. If you're still having issues, feel free to use the feedback tab.

Userscript for (WIP)

Translate texts in images with support for:

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More details about the service at the original repository:
Project repository (source code):

What languages does this script support?

The script itself (interface): 简体中文 (Simplified Chinese), English.

Source language (language of the original image): 中文 (Chinese), 日本語 (Japanese), English.
한국어 (Korean) support for source language is currently being trained, support us to let we use more powerful machines.

Target language (language of the translated image): 简体中文, 繁體中文, 日本語, English, 한국어, Tiếng Việt, čeština, Nederlands, français, Deutsch, magyar nyelv, italiano, polski, português, limba română, русский язык, español, Türk dili.

Can I use it to translate images from websites that aren't in the supported list?

For the service, Yes, but not using this script.
You can upload the image manually to to get your image translated.

How to change userscript settings?

Settings are directly embedded into target websites'(listed above) settings.
You can find the userscript settings under website's settings, or you can use these direct links:

Userscript settings are synced globally across all websites.

Some texts in image are not being translated.

You can try increasing "Text detection resolution":

  • Right click the translate button or click the arrow beside it. (Change userscript settings if you want to save it persistently)
  • Change "Text detection resolution" to a higher value.
  • Click "Translate" on the bottom.

Changing the setting will result in a longer processing time with better accuracy.

If the text is still not detecting, try changing to a different text detector and see if it helps.

There are also some issues with handwritten(-like) texts, those texts are hard to do OCR with, sorry.

The translation is pretty hard to understand

Sorry, but no machine translator is perfect.
You can try another translate service which can be changed in script settings.
If you think it's probably to do with text recognition, you can try bumping the direction resolution or changing to another detecter.

Translated vertical texts are hardly readable. (In some languages, eg. English)

You can change "Render text direction" in settings to "Horizontal only" if that helps.