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Opens the image itself while opening different screenshot services (you won't see their bloated webpages).

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Posted: 2022-02-15
Edited: 2022-02-15
// @include     /^https?:\/\/prnt\.sc\/[\w\d]+$/
// @include     /^https?:\/\/skr\.sh\/[\w\d]+$/
// @include     /^https?:\/\/ibb\.co\/[\w\d]+$/
// @include     /^https?:\/\/monosnap\.com\/file\/[\w\d]+$/
// @include     /^https?:\/\/nimbusweb\.me\/nimbus\-screenshots\/[\w\d]+$/
// @include     /^https?:\/\/joxi\.ru\/[\w\d]+$/
// @exclude     /^https?:\/\/joxi\.ru\/[\w\d]+\.jpg$/

The [\w\d] is redundant, as \w already does \d in ECMAScript, it should be better/faster like this:

// @include     /^https?:\/\/prnt\.sc\/\w+$/
// @include     /^https?:\/\/skr\.sh\/\w+$/
// @include     /^https?:\/\/ibb\.co\/\w+$/
// @include     /^https?:\/\/monosnap\.com\/file\/\w+$/
// @include     /^https?:\/\/nimbusweb\.me\/nimbus\-screenshots\/\w+$/
// @include     /^https?:\/\/joxi\.ru\/\w+$/
// @exclude     /^https?:\/\/joxi\.ru\/\w+\.jpg$/
Posted: 2022-03-09

Thanks, I've updated the regexps.

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