MooMooMod Last! (Modified by (GLW) why)

v8-FixBigPing, SaveChat, FastInsta, AutoCoordWalk, AFKMode, R-InstaKill, AutoHeal, AutoAntiBull, AntiInsta, FollowAnimals, AutoFarmResource, M-TripleWASDMills, UpArrow-Katana+Musket, H-Turret, N-Mill, V-spike, F-Trap, Z-TankGear, Shift-BiomeHats, Esc-BetterMenu, AutoAntiBull, MouseClicks, BetterHotBar, OneTickInsta. Please rate this script in the comments! I'm trying really hard! Give me your support!

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  • v10.6 2021-10-27

    I added Anti Invis Builds

  • v10.5 2021-10-22

    Added Hotkey for Assasin Gear: (/)

  • v10.1 2021-10-19
  • v10 2021-10-15