Just Dance Now Modern

An rebranded Just Dance Now Style

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  • v130523.1.5.62 2023-05-13
  • v281122.1.5.60 2022-11-28
  • v090222.1.4.27 2022-09-02

    *Fix Several Bug
    *New UI Changes

  • v070322.1.4.21 2022-07-17

    Redesigned UI!

  • v070322.1.2.36 2022-03-07


    -New Feedback Animation (Created By @Ticpo)
    -Refresh UI
    -Revert "Tab Position To Bottom"
    -Resize Overflow Width to 100%
    -And Many More

  • v1.2.27 2022-02-07

    V.1.2.27 :

    * New Lyrics system
    * Improved Song Selection UI
    * New Racetrack
    * Improved PictoBeat
    * New Transition

  • v1.2.25 2022-01-30

    Renewed UI
    New Song Selection Screen
    New Feedback Animation
    New Afterdance UI
    New Transition Animation
    Reupdate PictoBar
    Fix Lyrics

  • v0.1.8 2021-11-21

    -Updated Lyric Animation
    -Added Pictos Shadows
    -Fix Some bug
    -Now Get Updates Again

  • v0.1.3 2021-10-22

    -Updated Song Selection Style
    -Updated Coachselection
    -Updated Lyric style
    -Added Feedback Effect (impact perfomance)
    -Added Racetrack Animation (Impact Performance)
    -added Moving Pictos (Impact Performance)
    -Revamped Racetrack
    -Change OpenSans to Helvetica

  • v0.0.15 2021-10-05