Mozilla Addon Widescreen NEW design (USw)v.139

Mozilla Addon wide, compact and reorganized

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  • v139.00.0 2023-11-02

    Small correction for Addon Badges
    Info: seems there is a problem with the last version of Stylus and the Mozilla sites

  • v138.00.0 2023-10-16

    Update ONLY on (USw) and GreasyFork: is broken for me (their new design don't permit Login! - request done 2023.08)

  • v137.00.0 2023-07-31

    Some corrections

  • v136.00.0 2023-05-04

    Fine tuning /corrections for Versions pages

  • v135.01.0 2023-04-29

    Small correction in code

  • v135.00.0 2023-04-29

    Re Add instal Userscript (should match only Mozilla addons pages now)

  • v134.00.0 2023-01-10

    Correction for messages (Install Not Supported Firefox Version when Not Connected / Dev Support..etc. ), Rating Stars,

  • v133.01.3 2022-08-29

    Remove install by userscript because it applies to all sites...(don't understand why..)

  • v133.01.2 2022-08-29

    Add install as userscript...TEST

  • v133.01.1 2022-08-28

    Remove install as userscript : because applies to all sites (don't know why...)

  • v133.00.1 2022-04-02

    Fine tuning Home page and adaptation for GM "Super_preloaderPlus_one_New"...

  • v131.00.1 2022-02-21

    - Correction for Reviews pages / Versions page

  • v129.00.1 2021-11-27

    many corrections...

  • v127.00.1 2021-09-08
  • v127.00.0 2021-09-08