Mozilla Addon Widescreen NEW design (USw)v.139

Mozilla Addon wide, compact and reorganized

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▶ It's better for a WIDESCREEN(1920x1080)!

▶ Info (2023.11):
Seems there is a problem with the last version of Stylus and the Mozilla sites.
Latest Stylus 1.5.37 not handling userstyle for

NOTES (2023.08):
- Update ONLY on (USw) and GreasyFork: is broken for me (their new design don't permit Login! - request done 2023.08)

Same version:
Mozilla Addon Widescreen NEW design (USw) [Userstyles World

NEED and Work better with (for all the Dark color flavor):
[UserStyles] Dark Mozilla Add-ons (AMO) by maxigaz
[GitLab] Mozilla Add-ons Dark Theme by maxigaz

You can install it with "Stylus" extension.
Or copy past its usercss in Stylish.

ADD domain("") to it for :

Info (But should be broken since the new design of
To install it from with "Stylus" extension (and not Stylish).
Use this Userscript:
USO - add USOa button on userstyle page

▶ What does This Userstyle:
- Reorganize Addons info page:
All important infos visible with less scrolling.
- Wide List for Collections, addon, etc... in Mosaic format
- Dark Gray flavor...
- Indicator BEST FAV (when you rate 5 stars for an addon) in Addon info page
ETC ....

▶ (2023.07) BAD News AMO (for Waterfox Classic).
[Waterfox Classic] Mozilla sites less usable: continuous loading for internal elements, and lost of functionnality #199

▶ (2017.11) Bad News:
AMO change for a NEW design, less informative
AND (for the Firefox 57 +>)
"As a security precaution, the browser prohibits extensions from affecting its built-in pages (like chrome://version, the standard new tab page as of Chrome 61, about:addons, and so on) as well as other extensions' pages. Each browser also restricts access to its own extensions gallery (like Chrome Web Store or AMO)."
But you can bypass this clever restriction:
How to enable Firefox WebExtensions on Mozilla websites

Go in about:config (and copy past the name (PB if you take it in some other place with an "invisible space) and choose true or false):
privacy.resistFingerprinting.block_mozAddonManager empty and set it to "true"
privacy.resistFingerprinting empty and set it to "false"
extensions.webextensions.restrictedDomains let it empty

▶ (2019.05)OLD Bad News:
AMO make the "Fav and Add to collection" less usable and Collection less visible.
Read :
Improve Collection Function in the new design Addon pages #4331

▶ Autopager / infinite scroll on AMO:
You can use :
Since this good (i use it all the time!)

GM "Super-preloader" by machsix / and now, i have it working on AMO's search pages (since my v.110), which seems work now:

Super_preloaderPlus_one_New don't support now AMO pages ...
Mozillia Addons / AMO pages : I can't find how to have the script properly loading next pages

Actually (18.08.2021), there a problem to obtain it from GreasyFork (because it's minified...).
And if you have updated a previous version of it, it should be deleted by GreasyFork.

But don't worry, you can install its last version directly - go simply here (and show if a solution is found with GreasyFork):

GreasyFork has deleted this script #641 - 不需要備份,直接從這裡下載就好了。, but you can install it from here [GitHub]
Direct install here:
Install the latest "Super_preloaderPlus_one_New" []

To use it, just choose "Autopager" and use "iframe" "New iframe" in its settings popup.

>> Last change:

v.39/ 40 / 41 .../... 138:
- Some Fine Tuning...
- Correction for messages (Install Not Supported Firefox Version when Not Connected / Dev Support..etc. ), Rating Stars
- Correction for Reviews pages / Versions page and GM "Super_preloaderPlus_one_New"
- Better Addon Info page:
Correction for Not Supported Firefox Version, New Screenshots design, Language picker, Download Addon link, Addon Info Top header, Permissions etc...
- Little correction in Reviews pages for Chrome
- Correction for regex:
Stylus; Error when i want import my Userstyles to Firefox Quantum (but work on Waterfox/ Stylish)

- ADD Indicator BEST FAV (when you rate 5 stars for an addon) in Addon info page :
It's a work around for the fav possibility removed in AMO.
Other Correction for:
- Dev Comments section, Favs Star in info page (for Firefox Quantum...), Theme, Home page, Addon Infos Page (Reviews Posted/ Edit, Release Notes, Star Rating, Date Update) etc..., Theme Search, Home Extensions / Themes, Search Recommanded Badge, Star Rating color/size, Reviews/ Addons/Author/ etc... Pages

- ADD domain("")
You need to do the same for "Dark Mozilla Add-ons (AMO) by maxigaz")
for (with the trailing dot) to allow extensions to run on AMO, read:
Firefox extensions “restricted” from running on some sites [SuperUser forum]
- ADD Indicator for your reviews in Reviews List pages.
- Working Add/Read User/Dev Review or Note...
- ADD indicator to show how to install incompatible addon by dragging the install button into the address bar
With VERSION incompatibility :
Whith QUANTUM incompatibility:
- ADD test for domain("") :