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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 2023-05-25

Please fix the script for:

Every time the script automatically and wrongly directs me to

Posted: 2023-05-25

But your file Downloaded right ? Please Read my Script info, for some sites will be redirected first to my blog , Support me to keep updating enthusiastically, I only ask you to wait 5 seconds

Posted: 2023-05-26

You did not understood me.

Tested with:
1. Thorium v.109.0.5414.139;
2. Ungoogled Chromium v.113.0.5672.127.

Posted: 2023-06-05

Can Confirm This Bug...

There Is Multiple Files In A Gofile Link..But It Keeps Redirecting First Resulting In Downloading Same File Again & Again

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