Tumblr - Old / Custom Colors

Change the colors of your Tumblr dashboard.

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NOTE: I am currently unable to update this. Updates may return when my life is in a more stable place.

I originally threw this together for personal use to get rid of tumblr's eyeburning high-contrast theme, but it's grown since then. I've posted it here in hopes it'll help someone else.

By default, it should restore all settings to that of the old 2018 theme. But you can change how it looks using the little gear icon beside the style.

  • Colors: All colors options have built-in color pickers.
  • Font faces: There's a quick drop-down list for Helvetica Neue (the 2018 font), Favorit (the 2021 font), and OpenDyslexic. (You can install OpenDyslexic here.) In addition, selecting "Custom" lets you type in the name of any font you have installed.
  • Text sizing: Grow or shrink all the text on the page to your liking. For reference, sizes are in pixels. 2018 tumblr used 14, and 2021 tumblr uses 16. Very large text may get a little wonky, so if you need really big text, I suggest pairing this with your browser's zoom function.
  • Backgrounds: Paste the URL of any image to use it as a background. (If it's not letting you save, make sure the URL has quotes around it: eg. "https://your.image.here/yourimg.png") There are also a few options to stretch or tile the image.

If something is broken or you need help, please message me on tumblr! I'm babblingfishes there too.

NOTE: As of right now, the fonts/text sizing does not work on a few pages, including the inbox, the settings page, and the default post editor (beta post editor works fine). This is something I will likely fix in the near future.


2021-04-20 2.3.0

  • Changed the preprocessor from USO to Stylus.
  • Added custom font faces, text sizes, and background images.
  • Fixed the following issues:
    • Tumblr reobfuscated all their code, breaking about half the stylesheet, so that's been rewritten.
    • Color pickers now work again -- and for all colors this time!
    • Fonts should be sized more consistently than they were before.

2021-02-18 2.2.0:

  • Updated to work with tumblr's latest site changes. :)
  • Now you have to type in the RGB values instead of using the color picker. >:(
  • Moved to greasyfork.

2020-03-31 2.1.0:

  • Added two new color options:
    • Bright Button (which was previously controlled by the Chat Post color)
    • Notes Highlight (the color used to highlight mutuals if they show up in a post's likes/reblogs list)
  • Fixed the following bugs:
    • Fixed some variable name collisions and protected against future ones.
    • The old font didn't consistently match the old font size.
    • If you clicked an image to view it fullsize, the background wasn't transparent.
    • If someone followed you, the button to follow them back on your activity page was the wrong color.

2020-03-30 2.0.0:

  • Now overrides most of the beta dashboard colors (note icons and some other small details can't be changed)
  • Added option to override the beta dashboard font with the old dashboard font.
  • Added (janky) options for beta dash post backgrounds and text color.