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Review: Bad - script does not work

Posted: 2021-06-13

Have installed the script but don't see the magnet shortcuts on the search page?

Posted: 2021-06-13
Edited: 2021-06-13

I have a support page, the GitHub repo, I'd prefer if you reported issues there : https://github.com/darkred/Userscripts/issues .
In there, the bug report template that you should follow is:

2. Make sure the bug is caused by the script: try disabling the other scripts (and extensions) first, and/or even better in a fresh browser profile.
3. Be as specific as possible, I need to know where to look.
4. Provide STR (steps to reproduce) and a full URL where the bug appears, if needed. List any errors displayed in Console.
5. Include a screenshot/gif in so I can help you better.
6. Include name and version of your browser and script manager (Tampermonkey and Violentmonkey are supported - Greasemonkey is not supported).

If I can't see the issue nor can replicate it easily, I can't help.

Anyway, the script works fine for me with Tampermonkey/Violentmonkey with latest Chrome/Firefox in fresh profiles:
URL: https://1337x.to/top-100 (based on your 2nd screenshot)
Screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/4WO6Uzw.jpg

Greasemonkey is not supported, nor old Firefox/Waterfox versions.

So, provide more details, please.

PS. Please change your rating to No rating - just a question/comment .

Posted: 2021-06-14

If you want me to help you, please provide some details.

And please change the rating.

Posted: 2021-06-15

I'm on the latest version of Chrome and Tampermonkey - Version 91.0.4472.77
Have also tried disabling all extensions except tampermonkey script. Still no magnet link shown.

Posted: 2021-06-15
Edited: 2021-06-15

You are still not helping... Don't make others make the detective for your issues...

don't see the magnet shortcuts


Still no magnet link shown.

The script provides magnet AND magnet links.
In your 2nd screenshot in OP there are neither of them.
But, the way you wrote it ("no magnet") implies that at least direct links were displayed, which is not the case.

The script runs for the pages it matches its @include rule.
If it doesn't match some pages, then it simply needs the relevant additions in the rule.
Therefore the script, might need some additions in the rule,
but regarding its functionality it's certainly not Bad - script does not work that you rated it.

Your 2nd screenshot seemed that it ran in this page https://1337x.to/top-100 which was already covered in the rule.
I noticed now that there are variations of that page (top-100-movies, top-100-television, top-100-games, etc).
So, I added all these variations in the new version. Update, and if you still have issues:

  1. give the actual URL(s) where the script doesn't work, so that I can include them in the rule
  2. if it doesn't work, is it because the script doesn't run at all in the page (check Tampermonkey's toolbar dropdown button), or because it has errors in Console? If it's the latter, post the errors.

In any case I ask you for the last time to change the rating.

Posted: 2021-06-16

The script provides magnet AND magnet links.

I meant: torrent AND magnet links.

Posted: 2021-07-14
Edited: 2021-07-14

Please update to the new version:

  • Made the @include rule shorter and simpler, as it should be in the first place
  • Made it work ok/fix for pages that contain more than one table, e.g. https://1337x.to/home/
  • Made it work ok/fix for pages where the tables have no headers (Series pages, e.g. https://1337x.to/series/a-to-z/1/13/)

In case you still have issues, please report.

Posted: 2021-09-16

Is the script still not working for you? Please report.

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