Twitch Chat User Highlight

Highlights messages by user, on username or @username click

These are versions of this script where the code was updated. Show all versions.

  • v0.5 2021-07-23

    Fixed (some selectors) and also made it slightly easier to fix again in the future if twitch makes changes again

  • v0.4 2021-02-07 Changed the highlight-auto-stop-timer to start when mouse leaves the chat area and stop the timer when the mouse enters it again. i.e. Auto-stop-highlight happens after the mouse has been outside the chat area for x(5 by default) seconds. + Added option change to Tampermonkey menu
  • v0.3 2021-01-23 Added option to auto stop user highlight after x seconds - currently you need to open the script to change settings. Will make a proper options menu of some sort later
  • v0.2 2021-01-21 added soft page change script initialization + added support for one more type of mention
  • v0.1 2021-01-21