Wanikani Real Score

Adds a scoreboard to dashbaord and reviews. Your 'real score' indicates progress toward buring all items (1 point per item per SRS stage).

Jeffrey Allen
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What is Wanikani Real Score?

This script adds a score to your Wanikani dashboard, showing your real progress toward burning all items. You’ll see your current score (1 point per item per SRS level) and how close you are to burning everything, i.e. 22/60th complete. (hover for more detail)

You’ll also see your points tick up (or down) while you do reviews, and your real progress on lesson and review summary pages.


I got the idea when I was taking a much needed lesson break. I was still doing tons of reviews but without lessons that darn level counter never moved. It was hard to keep going, because it felt like I wasn't making any progress.

So I whipped up this script and was surprised how motivating it was to see my score go up every time I made progress. Instead of an endless hopeless slog, it felt like I was actually getting somewhere.

I added the score to the reviews page too and was surprised how much more motivating it was than watching that % go up and down (which can get pretty depressing).

In short, I started having a lot more fun, feeling hopeful, and studying more.

Don’t I already see my score as my current level and apprentice, guru, master, enlightened, burned counts and my review accuracy?

Uh, yeah. That’s the problem this script solves actually. :slight_smile: While I love all the detailed ways to track progress in Wanikani, there isn’t a SIMPLE way to see your progress.

Current level shows how many levels you guru’d most of the kanji for. But it doesn’t show how close you are to burning those items, doesn’t account for items slipping back to apprentice, and doesn’t count vocabulary at all.

The apprentice, guru, master, enlightened, and burned items counts show progress, but are pretty obtuse. For example, you get high apprentice and guru scores by failing lots of reviews.

Review accuracy is great (I’m a math geek) but you see ANSWER accuracy during reviews and ITEM accuracy on the review summary. This can be confusing and disappointing because your ITEM accuracy is almost always worse than your ANSWER accuracy.

How is Real Score different?

Your real score is simple and goes up every time you make progress. Do a lesson, get a point. Answer a review item correctly, get a point. (fail a review, lose a point)

It’s instantly motivating and easy to track your progress.

Real score also lets you get a fair comparison with your friends. Because "level 24" means something completely different if your sprinting from through the levels ignoring vocab or if you're moving through the levels slowly. Real score evens the playing field.

Is your Real Score accurate?

If Wanikani open framework is installed, the dashboard score is perfectly accurate. You get 1 point for each item in each SRS stage. Total score possible is 80,073. If wkof isn’t installed, you’ll get an estimate which is faster but less accurate.

(I do lie to you occasionally on the review summary page, but it’s better that way. Trust me. I optimized for ‘least surprising’ instead of ‘most pedantic’, so your real score will never confuse you :-) )