Youtube WideScreen (New Design Polymer)

For a Wide Screen and the YouTube New Design

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For a Wide Screen and the YouTube new Design:

Player stay fixed at the LEFT side.

  • Title on top video
  • Videos related and in queue on the RIGHT side
  • Infos, Comment on the RIGHT side ( visible on hover their tabs)
  • Progress Bar is always visible So, you can watch the video AND read infos / Comments (by hovering their tabs) without problem.

Userscripts support for:

"Agent switcher": Important Note: After some problem with the use of an agent switcher, which broke this userstyle. For use with Waterfox Classic and User-Agent Switcher by Alexander Schlarb, chose as settings:

  • Force for the domain (the first one)
  • Robot: Google Bot

Change in > v.10:

  • Correction for support GM "YouTube: Age Verification Bypass: See Related videos panel right
    • Support for more YouTube pages (Channels, Playlist, etc..., Youtube Music )
    • Test for Embedded videos
    • Auto Play Button Fixed on top right column (when not in the bottom video ).
    • Add a "Live Chat" tab - near "Infos" and "Comments" tabs (use hover them to watch their contents) - in Video player page.
    • Add counter for comments really loaded (we should wait their loading before seeing the comments tab too)
    • Correction video player: center movie. By example for horizontal center: and vertical center:
    • Support for no Dark mode. It's a quick support , need more fine tuning, but i use always the Dark mode....

Gif Screenshot:

Infos, Comments Tabs

Chat tabs:

It's Userstyle version, here: Youtube WideScreen (New Design Polymer) OR better on USO Archive (more fast and less buggy): Youtube WideScreen (New Design Polymer)